Wednesday May 25, 2022

In April, the Czech Republic was offended in relation to foreign countries

The Czech Republic has weakened its economic position vis-à-vis other countries. The current balance of payments showed a deficit of 16.8 billion crowns in April. In the elderly, he ended up with a surplus of 8.5 billion. The Czech National Bank informed about it. April fell more than the market expected. “The deficit is very […]

Inflation will stop Slovakia’s entry into the euro area

The European Central Bank doubts Slovakia’s ability to bear inflation at such a level that it can join the euro area in 2009. Although price growth in Slovakia is vibrating, the bank doubts that this is a long-term situation. Although price growth is remarkably low due to high economic growth and strong demand. However, it […]

Will all investment tax affect us?

From the point of view of tax obligations, the taxable income from the sale of securities is a relatively complicated matter. Recently, several investment companies have taken steps leading to efficient asset management and served several mutual funds. Does the fund and the related trading of mutual funds related to tax obligations have any effect […]

m he, tm lpe

The press department will cup a reform in its demonstration, which is not called reform, but only a set of stabilized measures. They pass through Prague, go under St. Wenceslas and go home again. The world does not die and the government does not fall. code. Probably something like this should be done. The economy […]

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