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A dozen of the biggest tax issues

The most common question is when you do not have to give a tax return or where you can deduct various costs from the tax. We created the questions from your feedback, which they wrote to the editorial office.

1. When do I not have to give a piznn?

You can forget about tax returns when you do not have a day of income or you have income from tax exemptions, such as sickness, maternity, social security, unemployment benefits and income up to 198,000 crowns per year. Even if you had income from the tax tax, such as years from the deposit, dividends and work on agreement up to 5,000 crowns per month, you will not pay the tax.

If you do not exceed a certain limit, you do not have to tax the income that would otherwise be included in the formula. These include the following cases:
* when you are employed and you have earned up to 6,000 crowns
* when you are not employed, for example a pensioner, for a mother, a student or an OSV, if he does not show a loss from business and you have an income of up to 15,000 crowns a year
* all those who had a total income from so-called business activities up to 20,000 crowns per year. For business income, the bag does not need to work on agreement.

2. Where do you get years, insurance, gifts, children, yourself from the tax?
It is actually a double matter, if the bag itself gives you a different expression. Years from housing, paid life insurance, pension insurance, donations for donations, union contributions and any castle for further education are so-called deductible items. You reduce the tax base. This is the word from which it can only be determined.

While tax rebates, for example on taxpayers, a dependent husband and a student, there are taxes that are deducted from the tax.

3. When can I leave the mortgage for years? Is it possible to apply for years from the building society, from which I reconstructed the cottage?
In order to be paid for years of tax deduction, you must meet several conditions. The real estate must be used for his own residence by the person who applies the deduction, or his husband, the birth and the descendants. They must actually live there, but the address does not have to be a permanent residence specified in the ID card. Real living is proven by a real loss. It follows that deducting years from the raid on the holiday property is not possible. In the same way, you do not mention the years as a deductible item if you rent the property and use it for business.

4. After deducting the discount, she gave me a refund, will it cost me a pension?
Wrong about where vm appeared in the formula. If the min 71 of the tax formula (that is, the one where the speech is given after the rebate of discounts) comes out minus, you write zero here. The negative contact will not be stated, it means that you will not pay the tax for a day, but it will not return anything to you.

You can file an overpayment only in the event that a refund is issued on the length of 91, ie after deducting the tax deposit paid by the employer for all (including employment contracts and agreements on the performance of work and work where the tax was paid) . Minus vme on this thank you can come out even if you apply favorably to children and it is more than a discount.

5. I was a mother for a year, where will I put a parental contribution in my tax return? To which length mm to write the pension? Where does unemployment benefit?

Pensions that are legally exempt from tax are not included anywhere in the tax return. These include an income of up to 198,000 crowns a year, money for maternity benefits, parental benefits, child benefits and other social benefits, as well as unemployment benefits from a number of jobs.

6. I prematurely terminated the life insurance contract and received a sale. Pr musm add a pension?

If in recent years you have deducted the insurance premium from your tax base and thus reduced your tax, you will now have to pay this levy because you have not complied with the terms of the contract. According to the confirmation from the employer or the insurance company, cut all the contacts that you have taken and tax them. Switch them to surface 2 like the other drink according to paragraph 10.

7. How can my wife have the maximum income so that I can apply for a discount on her dependent wife? What do you need to sweat in these pjm?

If your wife lives with you in the household and did not have an income of less than 68,000 crowns last year, you can apply for a discount. All taxable income, ie from employment, contract work, business, but also non-tax, such as sickness, maternity, retirement, is hidden into income. Don’t ask for two bags of social support, such as parental allowance, child allowance, pi allowance.

8. I am divorced and I pay my wife for two children. Can I get alimony from taxes and apply for a discount on children? The ex-wife is in parental leave and the children are not married.
You can’t take Vivn from the tax as a deductible item, or as a entrepreneur. You can only apply the tax, which is suitable for children, if you go with it in a common household, which you probably do not meet in your case. If your ex-wife wants to claim the bonus on children, she would have to earn less than 48,000 crowns a year.

9. I had income from several employers, their sum was not more than 1,034,880 crowns, I also reached the ceiling for social and health insurance. What can I do to get my refund back?
Have all employers issue a certificate of taxable income. These certificates contain, among other things, information on the employer’s contributions. In a standing position, drink in a tax return and, after the event, go with a view of the district administration of the social security and health insurance company and apply for a refund. If you do not do so within five years, the right to overpayment expires.

10. In addition to parental allowance, I do not have other incomes, so I do not have to give a tax return. I received confirmation of paid years and insurance from the bank and the insurance company. Can I use these subtractable items? Or have you given me my husband?
When you have not had taxable income, you do not even have years to pay. If the contract is for the residence of your spouse and you live in the same household, I will have years from the tax base. No insurance bag.

11. Business and vain search for the column where the social and health insurance was written. How long do you put this plug in? And where can I write the arrears and arrears from 2007?
The paid insurance premiums It is therefore not mentioned as a tax return for those who deduct paul, nor is it included in the costs of entrepreneurs who keep tax records and ethnicity.

If you overpaid the insurance premium in 2007 and the pension was paid by the health insurance company, you must add the overpayment to the income and tax. If you have completed, do not mention this stitch anywhere.

12. I have two activities and I think that this year it will be appropriate for me to state at least one entry by paul. I led to the elk with both ethnic groups, what can I do?
You must report all your business activities the same. It is not possible for you to deduct paul from one income and from other types of expenses. And when you go to different levels, which means that one of your activities is free and the type of craftsmanship, you must take into account the income in relation to business activities.

If you have stated the actual data in recent years and now you would rather use paula, you must first file an additional tax return for 2007. In it, you will list all receivables and bonds, as if you had terminated your activity. You probably won’t avoid adding tax and penle domains, so ask if it’s worth the price.


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