Saturday May 14, 2022

A financial code will prevent the advisor as a toothpick

How to find a good financial advisor? “Observe common sense. Can an 18-year-old boy without any life experience advise me about your finances? Usually not, ”to Petr Stuchlk of Fincentrum.

When choosing a good financial advisor, a good first impression is good. When you “get involved” with them later, you rejoice in the relationship…

“I recommend that you find out on the website if I am at all correct. This website simply accesses the NB database, ”recommends Petr Stuchlk.

Who should a lover go to when you choose a finance expert?
At the first meeting, a good financial advisor gets acquainted with your needs, obtains information for analysis and a draft proposal, and then meets again. Do not be afraid of the executioner, let him explain in detail. If you are uncomfortable reading with a counselor, get angry. Don’t push yourself into it, don’t sign anything without a break.

Is the financial advisor responsible for my work when I am dissatisfied with the insurance he offered me and signed on his advice?
Liability varies by product type. For fuses, I definitely recommend that you first sign and then sign.

Consultants always promise regular service of concluded contracts. What is its essence?
Finann Consulting is a long term relationship and service is his bite. If you need a hunter, at the same time think of me as a single woman, a stranger as a wife, a mother, an unemployed person, a happy thank you, a dependent widow. That is the essence of service. You should be in touch with your advisor like you would: Your preventive state of your finances will take much more into the future.

What do you think of a consultant who paid a commission and about his client’s salary? Do I have that kind of model in Czech perspective?
In Europe, customers are not willing to pay directly for financial advice, the best evidence is the Slovak Republic. After legislative changes in 20092010, seventeen counselors are paid throughout Slovakia. Thousands of honored commissions are therefore commissions. It is our European culture, customs, traditions as you want, but even they have never paid, will not and will not pay for financial advice. Although it would be clearer and better.

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