Tuesday May 24, 2022

A foreigner with the skill of an illusionist robbed the directive of seven hundred thousand

The foreigner plundered the staff in another direction and robbed them of 70 thousand crowns. When exchanging euros, he pushed for a lot of hundred euro banknotes, not originally agreed.

About five years old stranger with skin, stronger figure and about 180 centimeters tall, pelstil a worker in the direction in Hradeck Street in Jin. His TV was captured by a camera, a bovine jacket and a plaid koili, his hair cut back and a scarred TV like netovics.

The camera captured fraudulently
The camera captured fraudulently

He signed the change last minute after seventeen hours and filed for the euro in Czech crowns.

On the contrary, he withdrew several hundred-euro banknotes, while the woman did not rewind the banknote again and paid him over 170 thousand crowns.

“And after his departure, she found out that she had paid him 70 thousand crowns more, she didn’t,” said the Chinese police, Hana Klealov, and urged the citizens to call information about foreigners 158 or directly on the telephone number 974 533 101.

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