Wednesday May 25, 2022

A forensic scientist from both sides of the border stood in the raid on the goldsmith’s shop

The abolition of border controls between Hodonno and Hol after the entry of the Czech Republic and Slovakia into the Schengen area brought crime. In the fight, the Czech and Slovak police had to unite and create a special Mikrotm, which has been dealing with first-class criminal offenses since summer.

The new police team also had several aggressive robberies of Hodonn’s goldsmiths and exchange offices. “The entry of both republics into the Schengen area thus brought a worsened condition for the detection of criminal activity. The situation, when the borders of control disappeared, overwhelmed the perpetrators and made it harder for investigators, “confirmed the Hodonn police spokesman Petr Zmek.

f The Regional Directorate of the Police of the South Moravian Region Tom Kuel therefore shared the special Mikrotm, in which criminologists from Hodonnsko, Beclavská and Slovenska Skalice cooperate.

“The basic rounds of Mikrotm are international cooperation in the detection of cross-border crime, violent and property crime on the land of both runs of Moravia, the exchange of information on crime affecting the land of the other state and information on persons who commit it,” said the darkness of Zmek.

Even with the relatively short existence of Mikrotm in several spch. For example, he managed to clarify the robberies in the Luxor goldsmith’s shop at Nrodn, etc. There, two armed robbers from Slovakia broke the iron countertops in front of their eyes before the vendors and took home a salary of gold for three hundred thousand crowns.

Just a day later they tried the same youngsters gave the trick. “Musk’s voice in Slovak announced anonymously to the police line that a bomb is being planted in one of the most visited hypermarkets. The team hired police for a few hours, evacuating about a hundred people in the store. He gave up the idea of ​​robbing the goldsmith’s shop, but in the end they gave up, “described pbh from the 9th of Zmark. Only for a first plan, but at first they are threatened and taken away for those years.

Lupie nali and vzen

Two days later, according to a police talk, they tried to sell a salesman in another of the Hodonín goldsmiths at Nrodn td. Eighteen-year-old and twenty-two-year-old may have been convicted of police identities. They both confessed at the hearing.

The offender’s staff on the former border crossing on Bratislavsk Street was again threatened by another perpetrator. A woman looting for fear of her life spent one hundred and fifty thousand crowns. Several traces of a DNA sample were found at the site.

“Our suspicion that this is a case of punishment of a young man has been confirmed. He was punished in a prison where he served his sentence for another crime, “said Skalick investigator Ferdinand Mach.

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