Wednesday May 25, 2022

A mistake at work can make me think, think about the insurance

Even if you think that your relationship with the employer is idyllic, you should think about strong responsibilities in the performance of the employee. This is because the idyll often increases the risk of a dispute between the employee and the employer when some code arises and the current economic situation, exacerbated by the lack of orders.

You must be employed to be able to think about the insurance at all. It does not matter whether it is an employment relationship or one of the agreements performed outside the employment relationship. It is essential that you have entered into a contractual relationship with your employer according to the Labor Code, and in fact it is a so-called vertical activity.

Before taking out insurance, determine how dangerous your risk is. It depends on the nature of the specific work. This connection acts as a protection against damage to something at work.

Liability for employee code should never be caused by force or force which the employee could not prevent. On the other hand, the dispute between the employees and the employer comes from the so-called omission. You know it from practice. You forget to open something, close, etc. And then there is a concurrence of uncontrollable events, which ultimately lead to the creation of a code. The first for such cases is a binding responsibility in the performance of the employee.

The insurance should be deducted from your salary

The end of the work still works with a certain form of employee protection and limits the compensation incurred by the codes only by the average amount of the employee’s average length. If you provide the employer with a verifiable code, he or she may, by law, only require a period of your average salary. It should deviate from this value within the full limit, which you agree with the insurance company.

First of all, you should refer to the measured type and the multiple of the average variable length. If you have this value, the more you will be insured. He asked the usual questions from the insurance company about whether you are driving a reference vehicle (drive on business) or whether you have some other work aids (design and computer technology, etc.). If you have a company car or access to technology tracks, this increases the risk and therefore the price.

Of course, when negotiating insurance, it makes no sense to hide something. If you have your own interest in the insurance, then you know best about the various risks. When choosing a fuse, read with common sense and read the insurance conditions carefully. Mon, come across things that would not cover your risk. In such a case, it does not make sense to conclude a contract and go to the insurance company.

Beware of alcohol and drugs

The worst case for liquidation of insurance claims is alcohol, mind or other substances. It is, of course, similar in the case of strong liability in the performance of employment. If the existence of any of these effects is found during the code, you can be sure that the insurance company will not fulfill. Similarly, in the case of the proof of the mind, it leads to the creation of a code. Even there, the insurance indemnity cannot be paid out, and in addition, you will be obliged to pay the employer the additional profit caused by the code.

The price of the insurance itself depends on the factors mentioned. It is very easy to find such a connection in the breath of two or more thousands of years. The spread will be different from a debtor or a specialist.

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