Wednesday May 25, 2022

A new trend: so-called discounts are becoming websites and brick-and-mortar stores

ei fell to discounts on the Internet. This year, however, their talent was cooled by the collapse of the plates of smaller discount portals. Established stores, choose new business tactics and expand your offer.

Pay more, but you can’t j. Book a holiday, but you will not travel. The cases of people who bought servers at discount dogs and did not receive anything for their pensions showed this clearly.

When such a problem occurs, you often cannot help with discount portals. You don’t even have to, because the responsibility lies with the real sellers.

He had servers he can’t afford to change the trend

That’s why big discount portals sell goods that offer their business partners with a discount, they are longer alone. For the customer, it’s easy and fast, for the server safe. In addition, you can try to find out about the range and benefits of stone shops. He had servers that he can’t afford, but he can’t afford their crashes, which has resulted in a few records in the last year.

“Since the writing of similar cases, I have been careful. But so far it has never happened to me to drink for a discount. it was convenient, they did not have time off in the hotel, ”to Lucie Francov from Prague, who admits that she lost the discounts similarly to her friend. Food in the restaurant, mole holiday, cosmetic steps and recently dressed. These are the commodities you buy here most often. “Lately, I’ve also participated in some useful events like a dragon,” adds.

Interest in discounts rise, bl

What she buys for years with other customers. “Great interest is on weekends stays, winter holidays, hostels in the mountains. Good night, people buy and dressed, copper accessories, electronics, ”named Tom Batrla, co-founder of the Vykupto server. And add that all suppliers perform in advance and check the offered goods thoroughly.

“Let’s not leave the customers, who did not manage to apply the discount due to their own fault,” says Petr Kapitn from the Slevmeto portal and for a while founded the so-called Bloklist, which collects data about business people who do not keep their promises (read more here).

Ble k zkaznkm

Discount portals will significantly expand the assortment, for example with tickets for cultural events and trips to abroad. This year, the bag is dressed. For example, the Slevomat port estimates that the first sale of discount copper will increase by 200 percent this year.

A novelty are stone shops. They saw all the biggest portals. Zapakatel was the first to open it last year, in the Lucern crack, this year he put it in Josefsk Street in the center of Brno. I am buying a customer center in Prague’s Andlu and Slevomat in Prague’s Myk Gallery. The advantage of brick-and-mortar stores is, among other things, the possibility of paying for the city with the help of a card, often going to the collection of discounts not on the web and so that the discount coupon purchased here will be printed free of charge.

Miroslav Hlavek from the Zapakatel website recently told the press that the functioning of the stone shop has proved its worth. Although it is still used for the sale of discount vouchers, even as a city where inexperienced customers can buy orders, and in time they should be able to buy goods or discounts at discounts. There will be a number of similar branches, promise the operator of discount portals.

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