Wednesday May 25, 2022

A new wolf would disrupt the global economy, the world’s leaders agreed

The World Finance is at a meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington have disputes over exchange rates. They agreed that the so-called monk wolf would undermine the kehk growth of the worlds economy.

Some countries have recently downgraded their currency to gain business benefits. This is not the case, for example, with the euro, which cannot influence the euro as easily as sovereign states through its central banks. Some politicians fear that the states could use them as a political tool to expose me and in a monetary wolf.

f International Monetary and Financial Affairs Jsuf Butrus-Ghl stated that disputes over exchange rates will be resolved calmly “in closed rooms” and not in public debatches. According to him, the only thing that matters is that individual countries will at least talk about this problem together. “We will discuss it more, we will better understand what the problem is,” said a member of the IMF committee.

to refuse a quick sent from January

The United States, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund are at their best. During a meeting, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner urged the country to strengthen its country quickly. However, the Central Bank of Xiao-chuan has traditionally replied that Beijing will gradually strengthen the city of eye therapy. According to two statements by American processors, Jan is underestimated by 40 percent.

A quick January, which most of the developed world is pushing for, could also cause problems. na, which is the largest US creditor, would stop buying foreign bonds. The world would be in a drought to try to get back, “said Vladimír Pikora, chief economist at Nex Finance.

In recent days, Europe and the United States have been incensed by Japan, which has been in the middle of its first intervention against the growth of the world in six years. The same step was taken by Jin Korea and Brazil, which doubled the tax for foreign investors on Monday.

But the United States is also striving for the course as low as possible. Efforts to start a large-scale economy stimulating domestic demand have failed and the police have said that the weak dollar has supported export growth.

Nmeck is cheating

The main euro area will add to the press. At the same time, even a hundred euro payers in Germany with Germany would need me weakly. The euro has strengthened against the dollar by 16 percent since June, and German goods are in full swing in the world. “Above the water, the German industry is only in demand from the eurozone countries, but it will dry up so soon,” said Vladimir Pikora.

Jean-Claude Juncker of the Eurogroup stood in Washington on the strong euro exchange rate and the weak dollar. “The euro is now very strong. I do not think that the dollar exchange rate will correspond to fundamental factors, “he said. The euro rose to an eightth high above $ 1.40 this week.

European Commissioner for Me and the Economy Olli Rehn has confirmed that the father’s course will be discussed in Washington, but in an irregular context for equal global growth. “We are discussing how political measures are needed to re-establish global growth, and the question for me is certainly one of them,” Rehn told the newspaper.

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