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Advantages and disadvantages of household insurance from Direct pojiovny

Direct Pojiovna has started offering insurance households and real estate over the phone. Its advantage is the professional approach of the operator and the availability of a telephone arrangement. However, the price of the product is quite high and the contract includes, for example, a surplus inspection of the property.

We decided to test the insurance company from Direct the day after its introduction. You need to have enough time to close the connection by phone. Although we wasted no time and we were extremely busy with the operator, the whole call lasted exactly 35 minutes. At the same time, of course, we had more basic information about the insurance, so we asked the absolute explanation of individual points.

Do not know the calculation without personal data

The direct insurance company requires the communication of personal data for each calculation. Without them, the operator on the line cannot start the calculation of the insurance premium. It was no different with the household. Name and surname, date of birth, address of permanent residence and contact telephone number, or e-mail are required.

The hunter, who did not want to process any calculations from this insurance company in two, only identifies himself and the procedure of information is about this time.

The procedure is to establish the specifications of the household

It is quite irrelevant whether the client concludes the insurance in the insurance company, through the connection intermediary or over the phone. In any case, he will have to specify his household. In the case of Direct pojiovny really detailed.

The very first question was to determine the dates of validity of the contract. How does the customer know when the contract should apply to him, when to go or not, whether the calculation will be suitable for him? However, it is not necessary to answer this question immediately, it can be asked later.

The specifications of the apartment / family house follow. In our case, it is a dilapidated apartment in a brick apartment building, which is inhabited by celoron. The apartment has an area of ​​68 m2 and no maisonettes, two living rooms (kitchen is not needed), the house has a basement and a roof area. The question arose as to whether the apartment under the flat roof is an attic, however, it turned out that if it is not a connected apartment, then it does not matter.

The question was surprising whether children under the age of 7 also live in the household. If so, the price of the apartment is lower, according to the operator, or it is assumed that the household is more often (with children, the parents are more at home). It is special, or it would be possible to assume a better procedure – increased insurance premiums, or small children are a frequent cause of insurance events… In any case, children under 7 years of age do not live in the tested apartment.

It was only necessary to find out the specific location of the apartment in the apartment house. And he said, Was he approved? Do you go to komernm elm? Is it maintained? Not damaged? Has the house been affected by floods in the last 10 years?

The apartment is located on the fifth floor of you. Dm is from fifties. Jene Direct pojiovna wants to know the year of the last approval. And which owner of it knows? But the reason is simple. Direct pojiovna nepojist real estate, which were approved after the last year before 1950… Gar in the house nen.

Occurred as a specification of value. Individual valuables cost more than 50,000 crowns – especially electronics, audio-visual equipment, etc. The operator was surprised by the question of whether the built-in sk could be reported, the price of 50,000 crowns exceeded it. After a consultation for “a while for a while”, which was not long before and lasted about 1 minute, came to an end that would not be mentioned.

Direct pojiovna offers discounts for securing an apartment. The tested apartment has no alarm, blinds and bottles turned out to be voltage-free, or it is not a ground floor apartment or an apartment on the 1st floor, it is not connected to the PCO. I only have security doors.

Insurance charges and premium calculation

Direct Pojiovna offers bonuses for a smooth course of insurance. For new customers, now offer an entry bonus of 20% corresponding to 48 months of insurance. According to the operator, after the first year, the bonus will not be reduced to 5% for 12 months of insurance, but these 12 months will be used for the entry bonus – and for a year of insurance, the discount should be 25%.

We stated the insurance premium in the amount of 700,000 crowns – the same as in the existing contracts. The operator wondered if it was bad for the apartment in Prague. After a short conversation, we convinced that we really only want to connect households, we will not negotiate bonded properties.

The last factor influencing the price of insurance are invited to the household. In particular, the household tester is coca.
Skuten in insurance premiums reached 3 460 crowns.

Pojitn Stvajc Tested
Nzev Home + Pojitn domcnosti
Pojiovna UNDER Pojiovna Direct Pojiovnan
Ron insurance 3 127 K 3 460 K
Insurance limits
– pojitn domcnosti 700 000 K 750 000 K
– co-participation 500 K 1 000 K
– healthy code 2 thousands. K 1 thousand. K
– property code 1 thousand. K 500 000 K
– financial code 500 000 K 100 000 K
– co-participation 0 K 1 000 K

The fuses can of course also be used in other parameters. In particular, the risk of floods and alluvium, which is unnecessary for the given locality, is not included in the existing insurance. Unfortunately, Direct Pojiovny cannot arrange insurance without this risk (this is one of the reasons for the price). The insurance from Direct includes, according to the insurance of the garden, which is so surplus due to the absence of the garden.

The difference is also with the assistance services, which are distributed by Direct pojiovny and include assistance in the event of an accident, breakdown or keystroke. The original insurance assistance is not. However, it is not required and without assistance services can not be arranged.

Validity and activity of the contract – two different terms

The client can set the validity of the contract as he wants. However, the closest date is, of course, the day of concluding the contract. Attention! However, this does not mean that the household has been covered by insurance. The insurance company warns that the activity of the contract is terminated and the insurance premium is paid.

Even the payment of the insurance premium does not secure the insurance indemnity in the event of an insurance event. After concluding the contract, a hunter from the insurance company should contact you within two days, who will arrange an inspection of the household. And when asked whether the contract is even before the inspection (for example, in the case where the family wants to insure themselves before going on holiday, because it was not insured until then), it was stated that it was not. With a recommendation to insure and after vacation.

Overall rated

We very much appreciate the approach of the operator, who was most professional, despite the short time permanently connected. After calculating and announcing the current price, the insurance company herself stated that they could not compete with prices, although she agreed on a contact in 14 days – in such a way that there was no reason to refuse this contact, although it was very unlikely that concluded a contract. In a few more calls, she willingly supplemented the missing information and adjusted the calculation according to new facts (eg reducing assistance services to a minimum).

It is also possible to evaluate positively the availability of a telephone line for single insurance and return free from the insurance company. During the first call (at the end of working hours) there was an immediate connection without waiting, the call before noon was connected within about 15 – 20 seconds.

It is higher with the price of the product, which in a specific case did not turn out better than the original contract with otherwise relatively similar product parameters. However, it cannot be ruled out that in other cases the price of lpe dopad will fall and the difference is not very large.

Compared to the original contract, however, the insurance from Direct pojiovny contains several relatively serious shortcomings: it is necessary to inspect the property before the activity of the contract and the insurance indemnity in case of vandalism is paid only if the perpetrator is known.

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