Tuesday May 24, 2022

Advertising pearls: Let’s drill only the price, you can wear the second shoe

Customers turn to the advice line when they have problems with services, business and complaints. And first-graders advise them on how to deal with various tricks and fraud scams. Although it is mostly an HV situation, sometimes there are various curiosities.

“We handle an average of 70 questions a day, and last year our consultants managed 12 thousand of them,” said Luk Zelen, head of the advisory line at dTest magazine. And among so many problems, there are, of course, humor cases.

An interesting situation was experienced by the staff of the counseling center, where eilipractics of a large shoe retailer. When the complaint was accepted, one of the shoes gave the customer only half of the purchase price. And the reason? There is only one furnace damaged by the furnace, the customer will consider the other completely normally.

“He turned to our customer, who agreed with the seller that the complaint was justified, but they could not agree on any final provision. And so they bet again on beer and called our line for judgment. Unfortunately, both God and God were applicable. As it finally turned out, they didn’t share it with us, “describes Luk Zelen.

In the next case, a consumer was contacted, who tried to complain about the invoice to his operator for a long time over the phone. According to him, the operator’s employee for some time told the client that he would turn him over to someone who was solving his problem.

A very interesting question was from the consumer about the complaint of manure. After a long discussion, it turned out that the customer tested the readiness and ability of the first advice line to help consumers with any problem.

The consumer asked about the possibility of complaining about unripe watermelon. The first member of the counseling center replied that the watermelon should not be advertised for me because it was not cut in the shop and the customer could not know that he was buying it inside the green and did not ripen. “And doesn’t it matter that I tasted the watermelon?” asked the customer. The counselor replied that the tasting was wrong and how did he taste the quantity of unripe watermelon? “You quarter,” replied am. So that’s the defect, was the answer of the first-time, who decided that again, patnmeloun could not be.

“Unfortunately, the majority of customers are so deprived of it. Although our consumers for consumers have improved significantly, they have increased the extinguishment and audacity of some entrepreneurs, as well as the codes. So it’s hard to work on them, “said the head of the advisory line.

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