Friday May 20, 2022

Advice on purchases abroad


1.The way to buy

If you are only going for shopping, consume the total travel expenses and add them to the prices to find out if the travel expenses do not add up to the price.

2.Zrun lhta a servis

Ask how long the grain is and what to do in case you need service.

3.Technick parameters

Check that the technical parameters of the product comply with domestic conditions.

4. Complaints of goods

Find out where you can complain or complain. Inform the possibility to issue a complaint to the domestic branch of the store or the representation of the characters.


1. You call risk nkupu

– misuse of personal data, especially for unissued sweat (spam)
– misuse of payment data, for example payment card information
– the risk that you will receive other goods not ordered
– Obligatory complaints, for example in the case of electronics, not all features recognize the so-called pan-European mark
– rzn lhty pro vrcen grain
– other technical parameters of the goods, for example for electrical plugs or different types, language for DVD movies and the like

2.Pette si nzory jinch

– Take a look at customer discussions
– get acquainted with business conditions (return of goods, complaints, method of payment, delivery, in fee)
– check the technical parameters of the goods and the possibility of using the product in domestic conditions
– check the credibility of the businesswoman, whether it is an established company, say all the details, is the holder of a certificate,

3. Check your businesswoman

– The established company does not hide its history and state the results
– m certificate or evaluated by the user (eg BBB Online, Shopzilla systems)
– give an overview according to the country prices of goods and the like
– mte na ni personal references

Source: Association for Electronic Commerce

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