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After the New Year, wait for the return on investment

They get used to investing in securities and through mutual funds. The fact is that the fact that most small investors spent on tax reform, because their profits in the first year increase in news in the tax investment.

During 2007, when the content of the tax reform was discussed, there were voices calling for stricter exemption conditions for small investors. It has been speculated either that the liberation test has been completely canceled or that it has been significantly extended. This would ultimately lead to a loss of interest in investing in securities.

estimsn time test preservation. There are small rights here
At the same time, the first law in the income tax law worked with the liberation time test. In the case of natural persons, income from the sale of securities was exempt from income tax if the time between purchase and sale was less than six months. This exemption, even with the adoption of an amendment to the income tax law, will be preserved, but the type of valuable securities is being used and the extent of the investor’s influence on society is being tested.

Exempt income from the sale of shares and other investment instruments traded on the public market also applies. It is appropriate to emphasize that such exemption categories fall into this exempt category, regardless of their investment. But be careful. This is still exempt from the sale of securities to companies not traded on the public market. Here, Kon has been working with a time test for five years. Therefore, if in January 2008, as a natural person, I acquire some of the company’s shares, its shares are not trades on the public market, then I have to cover at least five years for possible exemption with a small share.

On the other hand, we ask ourselves which of our small investors can buy shares of companies that are not publicly traded. I think that a small investor who will be negatively affected by this change will be minimal. Nevertheless, it is advisable for small investors to take this change into account, as it could affect them in some case.

Why wouldn’t I want to have a five percent share in a company traded on the stock exchange ?!
The type of change in the taxable price since 2008 concerns those who own shares publicly traded on the market (comply with the above-mentioned condition for tax exemption), but own five or more percentages on the company’s share capital. In such a case, when selling this package, a small investor could not bond the current time test. As in the previous case, let each of these articles ask if the real threat is to be scratched by a 5% package in a company such as EZ. If so, engrave this restrictive condition in your memory.

Uniform tax rate of 15 percent. Elixr for retail investors
From the above, it could be created that the tax reform of small investors will not affect. At least not the typical ones who invest their funds in open-end mutual funds or from time to time directly buy some elite stock available on the Czech or foreign stock market on the public market.

One major effect of this tax reform will bring. This is due to uniform tax rates of 15 percent. While the application of a uniform tax rate complicates the situation of debtors with a year for housing, the investor on the other side of the aid. Thanks to the abolition of the progressive taxation of natural persons (rates from 12 to 32 percent) and the application of a uniform tax rate, there will be less burdened investors who have to tax the income from the sale of securities. That is, those who for some reason had to or wanted to (for example, due to the great investment) sell before the exemption of the time test.

The methodology for taxable income from sales should remain the same
At present, the taxpayer taxes the sale of securities in the framework of 10 of the income tax bill. These are incomes that do not create an obligation to pay and in case of non-compliance with the mentioned time test, it is necessary to tax them in the framework of the tax return. The application of a uniform rate of 15 percent will be given primarily to those investors who have moved and will move in the highest tax dog. Like now, it will be possible to use the data related to the position against the income from the sale of securities. It is basically the price of these valuables and the cost of acquisition.

Daov reforma podpo drobn investory, a to zejmna ty aktivn
It can be stated that the tax reform does not in any way impose conditions for small retail investors. The application of a uniform rate of fifteen percent will be appreciated especially by small investors who are interested in trading and focus on stocks. Some of them sell you shares even within hours, days or weeks. Such trades are obliged to acknowledge in their tax returns and it can even be expected that such an investor moves in the highest tax range under the current legislative rights. From the same year, such an investor will tax fifteen percent and that will be a big lion for him.

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