Tuesday May 24, 2022

After these years, diesel is expensive, not gasoline

After these years, diesel is expensive, not gasoline. Last week, people at Czech pumps refueled it at an average of 34.86 K per liter. At that time, they bought gasoline six halls cheaper, ie for 34.80 K. Diesel is expensive due to the faster growth of diesel prices on the Rotterdam stock exchange. The last time was no gasoline in mid-2009.

This follows from the company CCS, which has been monitoring fuel prices for a long time.

The most expensive was diesel on Sunday in the South Moravian Region, its price here increased by 27 halls to 35.43 crowns per liter. The second most dramatic city was for motorists in Prague, where a liter of diesel cost 35.27 K. In the Zlín region, it was refueled with an idea for 35.10 K / l. On the other hand, they bought the cheapest people in the South Bohemian Region, where a liter of diesel averaged 34.50 K.

Gasoline, like diesel, was the healthiest in the South Moravian Region. The people refueled a liter here for 35.37 K. The track was Prague, where gasoline 35.14 K / l was used. The third dramatic region was the Karlovy Vary region, where a liter of gasoline went to 35.03 K. The cheapest gasoline, on the other hand, was in the South Bohemian region, where it stood at 34.29 K.

The crown strengthens, fuels can become cheaper

The following development should be favorable for the people. The koruna strengthened against the dollar. “As a result, in the coming days we should be able to see a drop in prices, which could fluctuate and delay,” estimates Petr ermk, an analyst at Colosseum, who monitors the development of fuels.

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