Wednesday May 25, 2022

After two years, there is a change in the action against pran pinavch penz

Police maneuvers to crack Nrodn td, occupied and transparent by the Aktiv Change guidelines, so in June 2008 the case of another money laundering started in the amount of 5.3 billion crowns. After two years, the police stopped her, and they would not even bring anyone to justice.

“The state representative decided on the matter, but until we have confirmed that the matter has been delivered to the other parties, I cannot decide to publish it. Anyway, I may have known that the packaging was not bad, ”said Pavel Pokorn, the first member of the First Representatives from Prague 1.

According to the information of the daily, the case will only be suspected before the violation of the Czech National Bank. In its activities, the company violated only the regulations issued by the central bank.

Police were preparing the operation with the cover name ACHIV at several months before the raid. According to criminal investigators, the directive repeatedly violated foreign exchange regulations and a number of laws related to financial payments and their control.

“The mind was made to be uncovered, the origin of the pensions obtained by the criminal activity of several dots of the entity. In the Czech Republic, more than 5.3 billion crowns were paid abroad in several thousand payments for banks held firm in Vietnam, ”said Roman Skepek, an anti-corruption police spokesman, in June 2008. – Everything here

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