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Almun, and a police officer for a reward for colleagues from the Krnov area

On Saturday, the Minister of the Interior Radek John and the Police Director Oldich Martin praised the police officers who found themselves in Krnov against a tonka with a grant. Contrary to the hundreds, which is divided by their commander, but according to some police officers, they received almun.

“A medal and ten thousand? And they’re going somewhere, ”commented one of their colleagues, who was injured in the explosion of a grant in the Krnov department store, and praised the awarded police officers.

“When I see how the papals divide themselves into the first edest, seven hundred thousand – and those who could calm down even during the intervention, got a total of thirty thousand, I think so,” he added, adding that due to such an approach he began to consider leaving from the police, although he did not want to.

The reason for the disgrace of several police officers, with whom the MF DNES editorial staff spoke, was the award-winning police officer and the people who stood up to the forty-three-year-old man on Thursday, June 30, just fell off with an armed pistol and directives grants in the Krnov department store.

During the fight, one of the grants exploded, injuring six people, including two police officers, tonk died in the explosion.

On Saturday, the police officers who intervened against the aggressor were awarded medals for statehood, which were taught to them by the Minister of the Interior Radek John and the Police Director Oldich Martin in the Ostrava University Hospital and in Krnov.

“It’s a horseshoe for a great hit and for the courage shown by the police, the civilians who stood up to the tonk will be awarded a plaque,” explained Radek John, adding that together with the medal for wealth, the police will receive a reward of ten thousand crowns.

Regional Police Director Tom Tuh did not want to comment on the comparison of the remuneration of the awarded police officers with the direct police commanders. “I am not competent to comment on what is happening in other regions of the Czech Republic, the police officers were appreciated in the framework of the police headquarters of the Moravian-Silesian region,” said the police director.

Finann will also receive a reward for injured repair Daniel Petr, who will be awarded by the Ministry of Transport.

Is the reward of ten thousand crowns and medals for police officers who intervened at the direction of the directive, enough?

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