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An overview of how to save with an ISIC card and without n

If you start studying on one of the public high rounds, you will automatically become the owner of an ISIC card for young people. The student card serves as a customs card as well as a discount card.

Apart from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and the Academy of Performing Arts in Pilsen, it is used by all public highs, as well as 18 private and 213 secondary rounds. If you do not use your bike, you can only buy it yourself in Prague in 26 cities. You can find the list at If you are far from the contact point, you can have ISIC issued via the Internet.

Discounts in cinemas, shops and restaurants

In the Czech Republic, you can currently use it as a discount for more than 2,700 cities, but it is important that you get a discount in the world in 124 countries.

Kino: Premiere Cinemas Ldv in Prague two tickets for the price of one.

Software: MS Office with a discount and 90 percent.

Jzdn: 150 bus lines in the Czech Republic with a discount of 10 and 20 percent. More information at With ISIC, you can use the In-card In 25 by Czech Railways until the end of June, with which you can drive a quarter cheaper.

Sport: 10 and 50 percent discount in twenty ski areas, a novelty is the Krkonoše resort of Vtkovice Aldrov, Benecko and Stoh. 7% discount in Hudy Sport stores, 15% discount in the Mammut store.

Books: 10% discount in bookstores Kanzelsberger, Librex, Academia and many others.

You can find the database of discounts at

What is it for you to call an ISIC card

  • enough about the issued card with a confirmation of study. Be careful enough that the form is special and must be confirmed on the nm, it is not any card from the wheel. Nesm vak bt star ne dva msce.
  • Proof of integrity can be an ID card or passport.
  • Photo of passport format.
  • 300 crowns to pay the license fee.
  • If you apply for the card electronically, you must have the necessary documents scanned.
  • The card is always paid from the 1st to the end of December of the following year, then you have to pay a new fee.
  • Those who have a card as a collective identification card will get it cheaper: in the first year it costs 260 crowns, then only the so-called revalidated stamp is bought for 150 crowns a year. These are the prices the highest round is subsidizing me.

can be read even without a discount order

The way to teach is more: you are a pet or you can go to the canteen. Use discount portals to buy drk, zitk, but also consumer items. In order not to run into dishonest sellers, browse the Internet server, where portals publish information about companies that did not behave correctly to customers.

Buyers in the so-called “happy hours” hour before the return time have cheaper goods, not only in vegetable thorns, but, for example, in the Hjek-Bouov sugar chain, try the tests for half, in Marks & Spencer stores there is half pastries for bread after 8 pm.

The truth is that discounts mainly on goods are slightly above standard, but when you, as students, want to get a little extravagance, you should do it handy.

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