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ANGLITINA ON LTO: Is it a nice backpack, and sightseeing holiday?

In English you say “holiday”, in the US you hear “vacation”, calls only “hols”. There are many options where to go. Mete zat backpack, sightseeing and wellness holiday. This is the darkness of the second debt of the English lessons of English. These for vs cel lto are prepared by the editorial staff in cooperation with the Skivnek language agency.

People are always on holiday (to plan a/one´s holiday) for winter (winter holiday) or lto (summer holiday). Some prefer holidays in high seasons (high season), jin past season (low season).

So bad for how much pension you want to spend on vacation (how much money they want to spend on their holiday).

In a word holidaymaker (vacationer in American English) we mean a hunter who is currently on holiday (to spend a/one´s holiday).

ast associated with the word holiday: dream holiday = holiday sn; holiday season = holiday season; holiday brochure = holiday catalog;
public holiday = sttn svtek

Verbs that are usually used with the word leave:

to take a week off = vzt si tden volna
to go on holiday = go on holiday

  • When do you usually go on holiday? When do you usually go on vacation?

to have a holiday = mt holiday
to take a / one´s holiday = take a vacation

  • Are you going to take your holiday this summer? Do you have a full holiday in lt vzt this year?

to cancel a / one´s holiday = cancel holiday

  • We had to cancel our holiday due to bad weather. We had to cancel our vacation due to bad weather.

to postpone / put off one´s holiday = postpone vacation

  • I will have to postpone my holiday in Prague due to my illness. Due to illness I will have to postpone my vacation in Prague.

to enjoy a / one´s holiday = take a vacation

  • How did you enjoy your holiday in Spain? How did you enjoy your holiday in Iceland?

Additional names with which we can describe the holiday, when someone asks us about it:

  • How was your holiday?/ What was your holiday like? How was your vacation?
  • It was (quite)… She was (quite)…

enjoyable = pjemn
exciting = vzruujc
adventurous = dobrodrun
lovely = prima
disastrous = katastrofln
exotic = exotick
breath-taking/breathtaking = berouc dech, asn
stunning = ohromujc
charming = charming

Destinations (DESTINATIONS) and various types of holidays

We can spend our holiday in the country (domestic holiday), or we decide to go on holiday abroad (holiday abroad). People travel the most (to travel) for the following leave:

For families with children and people who love the sun and need to take a break from work (to take a rest/ break from work) is very popular with moe (holiday at a seaside resort / beach resort).

Athletes and active people prefer a holiday in the mountains (hiking holiday) or a holiday on which to engage in certain activities (activity holiday). For example, this is vaen (cooking), painted (painting), mountaineeringrock-climbing), potpn (diving), canoeingcanoeing) or aerobics training (doing aerobics).

Holidays with a backpack (backpack holiday) is suitable for those who want to know new cities. Lid – baki (backpackers) – so travel light only with a backpack (backpack), which allows them to move quickly from city to city (to travel around).

For dobrodrustvm meme jet on adventure holiday and endure with new and exciting activities, such as safari or desert.

Those who like to know new cities and monuments (sights), vol holiday invitation (sightseeing holiday), where they can admire historic buildings (historic buildings), castles (castles), cathedral (cathedrals), churches (churches), museums (museums) and gallery (galleries) or statues (statues) a dal pamtihodnosti (monuments).

Captive fish (ardent fishermen) can travel to Norway (Norway), Italy (Italy) or Slovenia (Slovenia) for a fishing holiday (fishing holiday).

Wellness holiday (wellness satisfied) is intended for those who want to leave for leave (to relax) usually in a hotel (hotel) or in lznch (spa), where you visit meatmassages), sauna (sauna), procedure length (healing procedures/treatments) a vnuj se fitness aktivitm (fitness activities).


Some people opt for several days of sailing (cruise) by the sea, during which you visit several pstav (ports).

Staycation is a combination of words stay (stay / stay) a vacation (holiday) and indicates a holiday when people stay at home and go on flights (to make trips/to take trips) around. The short-term stay has become very popular (short break / city breakve velkch svtovch mstech.

Ecotourism or ecotourism (ecotourism, ecological/green tourism, green travel) is popular with those who think about the environment and have strange experiences. They can spend their holidays on an ecofarm (ecofarm / green farm), where they actively participate in everyday work.

It is possible to fly into protected landscape areas (protected natural area), in particular, take care that their presence does not damage the environment (environment).

Holiday organization = HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENTS

Usually we distinguish between whether we arrange the holiday ourselves (independent travel) or whether to buy a holiday from a travel agency (package holiday / package tour). This includes transport (transport) and hostels (accommodation).

If we have special, we can use the services of a travel agency (travel agency), where you can take a holidaytailor-made holiday). In case the booked holiday is reduced, we are obliged to pay a cancellation fee (cancellation fee).

Preparations before the trip to vacation

If we are traveling abroad, we must not forget to check our passport (to check one´s passport).

  • My passport is still valid. My dog ​​is a canvas. (Disabled = unpaid
    to expire = vypret)
  • My passport has expiredand I have to renew it. My passport has expired and I must renew it.
  • We have to apply for our son´s passport. We must enter on issuing a passport for our son.

For the trip to some countries we need a booster (student visa = student boom; tourist visa = tourist boom)

  • I obtaineda visa after hours of waiting at the embassy. I got a note after hours to the embassy.
  • Do you need a visa for Canada? Do you need a ride to Canada?
  • Her visa expired 6 months ago. Her voice was washed out before 6 msci.

If we fly on vacation (fly-flew-flown) and not relying on travel agency services, we have to book tickets (to book air tickets / flight tickets).

  • We are flying to Bulgaria next month and we haven´t booked our air tickets yet. Pt msc let’s fly to Bulgaria and we didn’t book tickets to go.

It is necessary to take out insurance before going on holiday abroad.

  • The travel agent recommended me that I take out travel insurance. The travel agent recommended that I take out travel insurance.

If you are traveling to an unknown country or city, it is advisable to take a guide with you (guidebook) and pruh uitench vraz a fraz (phrasebook) if you cannot speak the language. Before departure, it is advisable to visit the direction (exchange office) and buy local currency (local currency).

It is necessary to be nailed to exotic countries (to get travel vaccination) for example against lute bitterness (yellow fever) or puppetry (hepatitis).

Znmm and families will usually send a postcard (to send a postcard) or bring them a souvenir (souvenir, gift), which we bought in a souvenir shop (gift shop).

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