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Are you an imaginative and harmonious financial personality? It will be evaluated

ei zanaj brt spoen for the case of unexpected events and retirement very vn. Pesto is in nakldn with retirement to determine a group of people among themselves. The experts created three unique profiles of financial personalities. What group do you join yourself?

Compared to other Europeans, the pension is also more intuitive. This is illustrated by ING Pojiovna’s unique survey, which has now been conducted in ten European countries. According to the results of the survey, experts tried to divide Europeans into all personality groups and to name the typical features of their financial breeding.

And what is characteristic of the largest group of financial personalities? “Focus on the overall picture and omit the details. At the same time, you are often challenged and do not be afraid to deviate from the established paths. On the one hand, he listens to his intuition, but on the other hand, he follows the advice of his family, ”said Renata Mrzov, CEO of ING Pojiovny. As he adds, this financial profile has a total of 35 percent of Europeans and 32 percent of Europeans.

How is the profile of a financial breeder most in m?

  • Make decisions intuitively. Relationships are always in the first place, as well as the needs of family and friends.
  • They have basic financial knowledge and do not take any risks. Finann’s future and fulfillment for them is not the main thing.
  • They have little control over finances, even though they seem to have complete control over them.
  • When it comes to financial matters, they turn to the family.
  • Decide to be objective and think rationally.
  • They have basic financial knowledge, but they have their finances mapped over time.
  • Avoid debt and keep control of the budget and the financial future.
  • When deciding on the finances of sawdust, think about it and consider all the options.
  • their presence and in their everyday life plays a significant role in intuition. Focused on the overall picture.
  • Have knowledge of finance and listen to external advisors.
  • Don’t be afraid to deviate from the introduced paths and take risks. Don’t worry about your future.
  • Spend a lot of money on your money.
  • Think rationally. At the time of your thinking and thinking, you reach a high cl.
  • Their financial knowledge is accepted and their future is clearly fulfilled.
  • Neds are mon risks and do not stay out of sight long term.
  • When deciding two families and counselors.

How does finann profile vm nejvce sed?

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