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Assistance services: crisis situations under control

You will take out travel insurance for your travels, insure your household and you will not forget about accident insurance. Assistance services will help you in an emergency, which is a supplement to many insurance companies. Take care of your care, take care of the immobile vehicle and help with troubleshooting in the home. And in vain vs their services will be nothing stt.

First and foremost, the assistance services will help to resolve unexpected crisis situations that arise during an insurance event. When arranging insurance, each hunter will receive information about the provider of assistance services (telephone contacts from the Czech Republic and abroad) and a brochure with the scope of assistance provided.

Assistance services are completely free of charge to the client’s clients. This is the case with basic services, otherwise of course it is true that you have insured more insurance events, so you can use more assistance services. To pay for it, you must provide services above the scope of your insurance.

Travel insurance cannot do without assistance services

Traveling abroad without a closed travel insurance does not have to pay off. In the event of an insurance claim, your holiday expenses may increase by the cost of cleaning, transport, etc., and we certainly do not recommend relying on the final health insurance, which in the countries of the European Union can only provide urgent medical care in the state. In this case, this health insurance does not include the provision of assistance services.

Assistance services are absolutely necessary for travel insurance first. In case of a sudden sudden illness, but also caused by codes or loss of luggage, you need to act quickly.

We can help you find the nearest medical facility abroad and arrange for a new transport to a better equipped facility. In case you are not able to agree with the medical staff, provide an interpreter. They are also responsible for informing family members, and if you are hospitalized, their transport for you. If required in good health, a return home will be provided. The “full work” of assistance services also includes the repatriation of the rest of the land client.

Every five times on cestch

The press spokesman of the Czech insurance company, Vclav Blek, came out carefully:

“Of course, look for lkae as soon as possible. You can read it with insurance or an information card, which is proof that you have a travel insurance policy. You can still go from the mains call from your mobile to the contact number listed in the first booklet to the insurance – carnet, and you will not get to the series, the Czech insurance company also on the fax of the medical facility payment guarantee and confirmation of the validity of the insurance. It is important to inform the insurance company within 5 days that something has happened, either through the assistance service, which is available 24 hours a day, even in ethina, or by e-mail. “

Assistance in losing your luggage or causing a code

Travel insurance usually covers not only the amount of money, but also the risk of liability for code and loss of luggage or travel documents. If you cause the code, contact the assistance service and they will arrange first aid for you abroad.

If you lose your documents, luggage, pensions, assistance services, we should resolve these situations immediately, e.g. mediates a comprehensive pension from your relatives and friends from the Czech Republic.

idim asistenn sluba pome pi havrii i porue auta

The insurance companies provide the most and longest assistance services for car insurance, both in the case of compulsory insurance and accident insurance. The range of assistance services varies from one connection to another. If so, depending on the type of product – mandatory liability, or accident insurance. Insurance companies, within the given insurance limits for assistance services, state the amount until which the assistance is provided or the period for which the provision is provided.

To illustrate, we present the range of some assistance services as provided by the Czech Insurance Company as part of its assistance (Pohoda Klasik, Pohoda Special or Pohoda SOS). For example, in the event of a car crash, the mechanics are paid for a length of up to two, resp. t hours. Or, for example, first aid is provided to the client in a hundred to a thousand, respectively. two thousand euros.

Assistance services may include pedevm:

  • the arrival of an assistance vehicle and assistance with the assistance of the car being hired,
  • towing an immovable car,
  • securing and storing an immovable car,
  • first aid in case of traffic accident,
  • telephone interpreted in case of accident abroad, e.g. with one shelf,
  • hostel idie and his fellow passengers in the hotel (usually 1-2 nights),
  • secure vehicle,
  • castle work mechanics
  • pedn message pbuznm.

What to do in case of accidents or porue cars

You must always call the assistance service to call for assistance. According to the specific situation, the experienced operator will instruct you exactly how to proceed. Provide a location and location where the vehicle is not stationary for easy vehicle identification for emergency technicians. According to the possibilities, it will also record the nature of the defect, possibly a state of emergency. According to the information you tell the operator about your insurance contract and the immobile vehicle, the database can be able to find out and verify your claims for the range of assistance services.

For quick help, always have the data ready before you call, which you can tell the operator:

  • vae jmno, event. insurance,
  • the number of insurance contracts,
  • city ​​and description of the accident,
  • Vehicle license plate, event. Type of vehicle,
  • phone slo, odkud times.

Did the water burst in m? Did you slam the door? Assistance will provide immediate assistance

It is quite common that assistance services are also part of the insurance household. Most of the services are provided to clients free of charge, but again on their scope and connection. Some of the above-standard services can be insured for the castle.

The purpose of using the assistance is to help in the event of an insurance event in the insurance household. Depending on its type and extent, the assistance service will ensure the elimination of faults, accidents (for example, if the water pipes have been heated due to a broken pipe) and even with an acute problem (for example, if you inadvertently slammed two doors from the household and are unable to open them). You can use the services of professional craftsmen, such as plumbing, heat, heating, electricity, glasses and covers.

If it happens that you stay in the house again, through the assistance service you will be provided with a refundable and often free hostel.

As in the case of assistance with a motor vehicle, the procedure for issuing assistance services is the same. After calling the helpline, tell the operator the reason freely, what happened in your home, etc. The operator will promptly organize a recruitment of experts to eliminate your information.

Assistance is also provided in the open sky of life

Some insurance companies also offer assistance services for other insurance companies. Nap. Generali offers clients assistance with one-time insurance, in the client’s locality to live, when he is provided with help with the necessary daily activities. “Thus, trained workers can buy, bring, take care of the living room and, last but not least, help the patient,” says Klra Blkov, Generali’s press release.

SOB Pojiovna offers its insurance assistance with life insurance, e.g. for hospitalization, mediation assistance in the home or in the field of medical counseling.

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