Wednesday May 25, 2022

Bankka esk spoitelny drank pl million per client. He found out and in a year

Mr. Jakub suddenly received a police clearance. He learned that a year ago, without his knowledge, an employee of the Czech Savings Bank took two sisters to his name in the total amount of 500 thousand crowns. However, the bank did not feel that it would harm its client in any way.

As soon as Jakub found out about the falench in his name, he gave an explanation from the esk spořitelna. Seel with a representative of the bank, but he did not have enough competence for one of his problems. “The result of my several efforts was the information that the bank did not damage me in any way. They didn’t explain to me how it could have happened, and even after those months, I can’t delete personal data from the long-term register, ”Jakub described recently.

One of the boys also featured Jakub’s wife. At the same time, she was not a client of esk spoitelna, she only had a payment card for her husband here and the opportunity to pay the pension for it. However, because they both had exactly two mothers, they entered the Czech Banking Credit Bureau (CBCB).

“Finann jma nm did not arise, but we could have lost the mortgage. Another bank, where we may have terminated the contract, because we signed a provision that if our finances do not correspond to the ability to meet, they can cancel the mortgage. Natst it didn’t happen, “to Jakub.

Removed from the registry seems a matter of course. But deleting or liquidating the data from the bank’s long-term register was a problem. The information about the loan disappeared from the register and after a year, and only from the Credit Bureau register. Jakub had to make sure that esk spoitelna deleted his data from its internal registers.

Is it really just one hunter for me?

According to Jakub’s words, the damaged client is similar. Due to the ongoing criminal women, the bank does not want to state how many of them found themselves in a similar situation.

esk spoitelna vin ze vech in only obalovovaná. While approving vr, he would have to check a small employee, he gave a bank employee. This is the case, for example, in SOB and Potovn spoiteln. “When checking all the contractual documentation, the rule applies to you. The bank employee should also go through each loan agreement,” explains Denov Saltkov, a spokesman for Potovn spoitelny. It is therefore strange that it was in these cases that only one employee approved and went through the contract.

Odkodnn ve vi tisc korun

As compensation, the bank offered a manelm led sporoirovho here at 24 msc for free. They did not learn about this from the one with the Czech Savings Bank, but also from the file from the one, which was later sent to them. “This specific offer was not heard in person, however, we would still reject it anyway,” says Jakub. Bn paid for 45 crowns per month, the compensation could be extended to 1,080 crowns.

After this experience and a long deal with the bank, they decided to cancel the damaged husband at esk spoitelna. “Given that the savings bank refused to guarantee that the case would not be repeated anyway, and at the same time treated them as it did, I canceled the case with S,” Jakub concluded the whole case.

But his worries did not end there. In November, the court, where he is invited as a witness.

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