Friday May 20, 2022

Banks adjust the fee

Ni years and dear services. With the issuance of new tariffs, some banks have a fee. A zavdj nov. What was so far free will be from April or May for a pension.

esk spoitelna: pension to an ATM for a fee

  • From May, let them pay for the cash deposited through an ATM, it is still free. The deposit in the bank will cost six crowns, for a deposit in another bank at the savings bank will deduct 25 crowns and an additional 0.5% of the deposit.
  • The new fee is touched and the limit on the payment card is changed. Nyn was the first to change for free, when he gave for 50 crowns, from April he paid 30 crowns for the right bath.

UniCredit Bank: vc for pepper show to the castle

  • From April 1, it increases the fees for outgoing payments in the event that the client submits the paper for processing in paper form. For private persons (non-entrepreneurs), this means a price increase of 10 to 30 crowns for payments within the bank, for payments to other banks from 20 to 30 crowns.
  • On the other hand, the bank discounts Basic travel insurance from 25 to 5 crowns per month. You can arrange insurance with an AXA credit card.

Waldviertler Sparkasse from 1842: nejvc zmn

  • For personal fees, management fees increase from the original 30 to 50 crowns for each quarter.
  • Entries increase by three and seven crowns according to the frequency of the first.
  • Until the end of the year, you could deposit cash at et at the branch for free, from April pay seven crowns.
  • Withdrawing cash in me here, as well as paying the check for pepka vs, will cost a new 20 crowns, the original table is eight crowns.
  • Pay five crowns for each new and outgoing item.
  • The fee for the payment entered via internet banking will increase from two to three crowns.
  • Complaints and cancellation of outgoing foreign payments will also support clients. Today, pay 29 euros (approx. 783 crowns) for our bank, after the payment it will be 40 euros (approx. 1,080 crowns).
  • The bank introduces two news: you can get a newborn passbook and a telephone password for more information about it. The password is equal to 100 crowns.

mBank: nov spoic et

  • The bank introduced a new spoic and eMax Plus. It is similar to the original eMax, but in a rather round form. The client will not receive a payment card for the novelty and will only receive a free transfer of pensions outside this month to the month. He paid 150 crowns for each. The declared year is 2.8 percent ron. For the original eMAX, it fell to 1.3 percent last year.
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