Tuesday May 24, 2022

Banks are ahead in their bids without collateral

The people continue to borrow, but with me and with forethought. A much more difficult situation today is for those who need to get an extra co-sun or a guarantor. It is not always necessary. Banks and loans without collateral and 600 thousand.

Domestic banks offer a wide range of consumer loans, incl. often in advertisements promise highs without the need to find a guarantor and secure the debt by building a property.

These conditions do not offer all the same and the reality often differs from advertising slogans. Of course, the bank is receptive to the applicant, who is also its client. They have an overview of its financial history and creditworthiness.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t reach the dream bank without the bank’s request to ensure the return on your full pension, don’t despair. He will most often “wait” for a co-owner, a guarantor, a binding bond, a lien first on a receivable from a deposit or real estate. But you can also meet with a blank.

The co-length usually complements the applicant’s missing income

It is not easy, especially in the case when the applicant’s income is not enough (or other facts to be rejected by the bank), to offer the owner a roommate. That is, the person who introduces himself, as well as the applicant, the future main employee, the pension will be paid to the bank dn and shake you. it is often a kind of mannequin and other family pslunk.

His role, especially if I do not like the loan, is unknowing. If the principal is no longer fulfilling his obligations under the debtor’s contract, it is first for the co-debtor to pay the debt for the principal debt. In addition, if you give enough, it will be inappropriate again. In assessing its ability to meet new debt, the bank and other financial status must take into account the payment of other debt. It is not decisive whether the actual payment or only the main length.

How much does the bank pay without collateral
Bank vr Maximum without protection
(v korunch)
esk spoitelna Pjka, Hotovostn vr, Spotebitelsk vr 500 000
UNDER Pjka for better living, Pjka for anything 600 000
GE Money Bank Expres pjka 600 000
Komern bank Perfect pjka 250 000
LBBW Personal pjka 500 000
mBank mPjka 100 000
Potovn spoitelna Neel’s peak 300 000*
Raiffeisenbank Fast pjka 200 000**
UniCredit Bank Personal vr – neelov, elov 200 000***
Volksbank Spotebitelsk vr neelov 500 000
WSPK Spotebitelsk vr 100 000

Source: Banks
Note: * new client and 150 thousand crowns, otherwise and 300 thousand crowns without per person; ** if the specified conditions are met and up to 300 thousand crowns; *** salary only for existing clients of the bank with a history of no more than 6 msc, for non-clients always blankosmnka

Banks of the values ​​of the guarantor as well as the applicant of incl

The guarantor always assumes the obligation of the creditor (bank) to satisfy the debtor’s receivable by written declaration, if he does not have any longer debt. Because the bank looks at the guarantor as much as the debt. The value of his income adi pedloen the same documents. The guarantor must also meet the same criteria (eg lasted for at least the duration of the bundle, pre-arrivals, etc.).

If the guarantor is in a single volume vc, the guarantor of each for the whole incl. If the bank addresses enough of only one of them, then it is up to the guarantors to sell out.

Unlike the co-owner of the two, however, the guarantor’s law, a specific civil law, is entitled to demand payment from the debtor for its performance. I then sue for a refund of the pension, which he was forced to spend on paying off a debt that was not his. However, the banks are withdrawing from this method of securing the provided guarantee.

The mortgage on the receivable from the deposit and real estate has the same rules

A widely used way to ensure the return of paid pensions is the first to claim on the receivable from the deposit and real estate. The mortgage first to the receivable is the bottom for them, in the case of drains (usually over 500,000 crowns) the mortgage is replaced by the mortgage of the real estate. Then it is not just a consumer rumor about the so-called American mortgage.

The first lien on the receivable arises from the conclusion of a written contract, unless otherwise agreed. A necessary condition is a precise urn and clearly marked receivables. The lien first to the receivable is, according to the final delivery of the written notice, or the fact that the creditor causes the creation of the lien. Banks use it, for example, for both term and savings.

The first lien on real estate was created by depositing the real estate in the cadastre, or by writing to the Register of Buildings kept by the Notary Chamber of the Czech Republic. We always conclude a pledge agreement on the deposit, ie between the bank and the pledge debt.

If the receivable secured by the mortgage first is not fulfilled by you (or only partially, or its membership has not been fulfilled), the mortgagee (bank) has the first to satisfy his receivables from the mortgage.

Encounter a blank note with sp vjimen

The bill is one of the variants of the secured war and in our banks you come across it exceptionally. Only two of the ten monitored banks mention it, in the form of a so-called blank bill of exchange. It is a written proof of a financial commitment, to which the bag completely reduces and temporarily makes mistakes at the time of exposure to some of the significant needs (eg exchange amount).

I must not give it a bag that would invalidate the bill. In addition, both the insert and the transferee must be aware of the incompleteness of the bill. The first to fill in the blanks is given by the inserts in the agreement (wall and in writing), to the first acquirer.

The security of the castle by a bill confirmed by stky increases the so-called avalista, ie gave a person who guarantees the fulfillment of the volume. It is similar to a guarantor’s bond.

The bank will fill in the blank bill of exchange and apply in case the debtor does not pay his / her bond. If he refuses to pay, the vendor will turn to the avalist. If the bill or name is not fully paid, the creditor goes to court. The trial bag in this case is much faster and simply not when using other ways of securing the bond.

The bank will not give the insurance indemnity only for mortgages

Especially at the beginning, banks provide in the form of binding insurance benefits. Vineyards tend to benefit the bank life insurance, real estate, but also insurance. There is a draft contract on encumbrance, in which the bank is defined as a person who, in the case of an insurance indemnity, first gives priority to a satisfied claim.

For example, if a debt is in arrears and an insurance event occurs, the debt of the debt is preferentially paid from the encumbled insurance benefit and the rest is paid to the insured, most often the debtor.

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