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Banks give loans and bonuses before Christmas

Jeek u arrived at the eskch banks. He brought clients imaginary dents in the form of cheaper loans or a year in mortgages. In some banks, you can compete or get a credit card case.

We have prepared an overview of interesting actions of banks in the first period. The banks are arranged alphabetically.

Citibank: Credit card discounts

Until 31 December, the event will last for Citi credit card holders. Business partners of the Citi Club offer discounts on world goods and 25 percent, or a new purchase.

Citibank thus launched a new loan before Christmas. year is from 9.99 percent. People employed on a full-time basis can earn up to 400 thousand crowns, doctors a million and self-employed 600 thousand crowns. You do not need a guarantor or Citibank to borrow.

esk spoitelna: Pjku splatme za vs

And by mid-December, you can get Pjku back. In the event that you arrange any loan with esk spoitelna and answer the question correctly, the bank will pay for the full amount, incl. You can find the exact rules on the bank’s website.

SOB: Favorable home and credit card holder

At Vnoc, SOB prepared mainly special plans for the reconstruction or modernization of housing. The bank’s clients can get up to 600 thousand crowns without a guarantor. By December 10, recipients will receive a 100 percent discount on loan loans.

“Loans with our clients will be issued quickly without unnecessary stretching, and pensions will be available immediately on the day of the contract. Then it is enough that they will document you during the next half of the year, ”to Ivana Bohatcov, executive manager of the Housing and Vry SOB segment.

If you have your credit card stored in the root case, then the SOB action is determined first. To get the case, make at least a transaction with the store by credit card by the end of the year. You must present the card by December 10, and you have until the end of the year for your payments.

GE Money Bank: Repaid loans without penalty

GE Money Bank will release some fees in December. When you close the consumer account by the end of the year, there will be a daily fee and penalties for early payment. This applies to all clients who receive an Express loan until the end of 2010. The possibility of free outstanding installments and early repayment will have a permanent loan for the entire duration of the loan, which can range from 24 to 96 months.

He offered tk credit cards. “For clients who have a new MoneyCard Gratis, MoneyCard Plus or MoneyCard Gold credit card by 31 December 2010, GE Money Bank will offer a zero annual card payment rate for the first six months after signing the contract,” adds Milan K from GE Money Bank. Basically, you can have a full six months on your credit card, for example, minus ten thousand and the bank will not spend another year. Msn years rates for these bn cards range from 1.79 to 1.99 percent.

Komern banka: Mortgage with an annual rate of 3.75 percent

Komern banka turned to a suitable mortgage. With the inside of the mortgage, you will reach an annual rate of 3.75 percent during this fixation. If you choose a fixation for five years and according to, you will get a bonus of more than a thousand crowns. “The bank’s pipeline to the client’s bank will follow the conclusion of the mortgage agreement in the course of the month,” adds Monika Klucov.

The promotion lasts until December 23, when you must apply for a mortgage and the contract must be definitively concluded by February 28, 2011.

LBBW: Guaranteed year for vr housing

LBBW has been certified by suitable events from this summer and autumn. Therefore, the time limit is again advantageous. Nabdka bag pay only until the day, ie until December 3.

The special year rate of 3.79 percent is intended for any type of mortgage loan for housing up to 70 percent of the mortgage value of the property in at least one million crowns. The promotion applies to tlet, tylet and ptilet fixation.

For mortgages up to 90 percent of the mortgage value of the property, the bank offers an annual rate of 4.09 percent. The condition, however, is the creation of Account 5 for 50, the same monthly income of the household at least 25 thousand crowns and a bond to the bank.

Raiffeisenbank: Splcte vr? You have a discount

In the autumn, Raiffeisenbank reduced the rates of consumer prices, incl. For at least a year, the rate at Rychl loans has fallen from 9.8 percent to 7.8 percent. You can drink from 50 to 500 thousand crowns with a maturity and 72 msc.

If you have a loan from Raiffeisenbank and honestly meet it, you can pay for a refund. “If the client pays his money for the whole year, once a year the bank will give him a bonus of more than a quarter of his money,” says Tom Kofro. You do not have to give for the bonus, you will receive it automatically if the specified conditions are met. The promotion covers vry provided by the end of this year.

In addition, when you create an eKonto in addition, you will be kept here for free. How much you really do, badly for your chosen services. In stock, the first cost here is 75 crowns, for a full year it costs 450 crowns.

UniCredit Bank: New consumer year with a fixed year

As a leap under the tree, UniCredit Bank has prepared a new consumer product, Presto. You can drink without a co-applicant and 250 thousand crowns. The splitting length is 12 and 84 msc. The fixed and guaranteed years rate ranges from 5.9 to 7.9 percent. It is wrong whether you want to go hot or white.

Volksbank: Suitable term deposit with bonus

Only Volksbank bet on a conservative banking product. If you save your pension on a two-year term deposit, get a pretty sunny annual rate of 2.53 percent ron (about term deposits, see the previous article). In addition, according to the inserts you will get an interesting bonus. If you deposit 250 thousand crowns, you will get 1,500 crowns, if you pay half a million and a bonus of 3,500 crowns, you can earn seven thousand crowns for a million on a term deposit and you will get ten thousand crowns for a million and a half.

The promotion lasts until December 20 or until the total amount is set aside by the bank for bonuses.

Kind of interesting action from Volksbank is tk mortgage. For the new and refinanced mortgage with an annual rate of 3.79 percent, pay half of the processing fee by December 7. This means that by December 7, you have to go to the branch and write enough about the mortgage, incl. You have until the end of January 2001 to complete the necessary documents and write a contract.

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