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Banks help by flooding. You don’t have to pay a mortgage for a year

People who have been turned upside down by a lot of water are also trying to help the banks. For example, offer a temporary withdrawal from a term deposit without penalty and postponing the mortgage payment for half a year. Employees of Potovn spoitelna and SOB even went to the affected area to help with their own hands.

Komern banka has created a special Povodov vr, which floods can draw in 30,000 and 2.5 million crowns. The maturity of this case can be set to six years. Clients do not pay fees for processing or for the first report. Povodov vr is for both new and existing clients.

The Komern banka event lasts from August 10 to June 31, 2010.

esk spoitelna disconnect charges

Clients affected by the flood esk spoitelna will have access to their pensions deposited on passbooks and deposit techs without a fee for temporary withdrawal.

Spoitelna thus offers a permanent deferral of mortgage payments to clients who have submitted an insurance claim from the insurance company. Then forgive them the fee for the amendment to the contracts. “The bank will ensure the payment of insurance premiums up to 100 thousand, in some cases and 300 thousand crowns,” adds Kristna Havligerov, spokesperson of esk spoitelna.

Clients can draw in with a suitable rate. The rate is eight percent for cash and 6.25 percent for consumer. It is possible to order a deferral of the installment for half a year.

Offer salary for all clients of esk spoitelna and other banks who have suffered property floods due to floods. The people can draw benefits from 9 August to 31 June 2010.

Pispt can also help people with the Bonus Program. Layer points of the field to restore the affected area in the north of the Czech Republic. esk spoitelna then contributes the same financial resources to the regional adm of the Liberec and Stecky regions. Contribute them until August 15.

Employees of SOB and Potovn spoitelna join the volunteer program for two days. They will clean up mud, collect garbage and help in flooded areas.

The ministry will also help the people

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will offer extraordinary immediate assistance. In two, it will be paid once and up to fifteen times the living wage of an individual, which is 46,890 crowns. There should be no problem with loose pensions.

The general councils can apply for this court through the formula. You will find more about material need in our previous line.

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