Friday May 20, 2022

Beer fund: you don’t just have to pay for beer, you can also spend it on it

In the Czech market, there will be a thematic exchange of funds under the fund. This time it will be neither ecology nor water resources, but something much more interesting for the Czechs: “It’s time for a beer!”

Surprisingly, to date, no one has actually invested in a day of investment that would allow the home investor to invest in it, practically everyone (at least some) will get lost in some way.

Beer is our pride, most notably an export item (although a brewery with a Czech capital is somehow poor, but it’s simple business), for many a regular source of vitamins. Lunch without beer can be imagined by a few people, sitting in a pub with beer is practically a national sport and when we drink beer, let us all be so catchy and wise. You will also be able to go rich thanks to him.

Beer fund for the first time in all
A fund with a similar exchange has not been listed with us so far, and therefore the SOB Svtovch pivovar 1 fund will be used by an interesting diversified portfolio of investors who are looking for new opportunities to diversify their portfolio and at the same time have fallen in love with this golden one.

The beer sector is represented in the fund by 16 more and more renowned companies engaged in the production of beer from around the world. However, the portfolio includes companies that are market leaders and have recently outperformed both the trade and the stock market (although a good past performance does not mean a good performance in the future).

In the portfolio we can find companies like InBev, which is the largest company in the brewing sector (over 200 brands in the portfolio, 111 breweries in 30 countries, profit in 2007 in the amount of 14.4 billion USD, dominates in Brazil, n, Russia, Ukraine ), there is the world number two SABMiller (operating in 60 countries, showing a profit growth of 22% in 2007), the largest European beer producer Heineken (170 brands, 115 breweries in 65 countries and profit growth in 2007 of 23%). The portfolio also includes Anheuser-Busch, Budvar’s biggest rival, Fosters in Australia, Carlsberg in Denmark and Asahi in Japan.

Beer m potentil
The beer sector is one of the most defensive stocks, which should be the first in times of uncertainty. In the hot years, people can be limited by such things as holidays or luxury goods, but beer will be practically lower (at least for us it will always pay 100%). At present, the shares of beer companies can be a good choice, because beer consumption has been growing steadily worldwide in recent years.

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