Tuesday May 24, 2022

Benzin zdrail na nov maximum. Litr stl 34.26 K

The price of Natural 95 petrol reached a new record this week. The liter was sold on average by seven hectares, for 34.26 K. It follows from the days of the Czech statistical series.

Diesel also rose, and too 26 halls 33.83 K. Fuel prices are regularly monitored by CCS. Thus, according to its Monday data, fuel prices rose sharply last week and gasoline rose again.

A liter of the best-selling Natural 95 petrol cost an average of 34.20 crowns on Sunday, which is 21 halls more than a week ago. Diesel rose by 43 halls to an average of 33.78 crowns per liter.

According to analyst Petr Ermek, the rise in oil prices at filling stations is slowing down. “Brent oil has not stagnated very strongly and has not dropped dramatically, because it is still supported by the unrest at the Blzkm entrance and North Africa, where the situation has not calmed down,” said ermk. The prices of petrol and diesel are high on the Rotterdam stock exchange, which has a healthy effect on the weakening of the koruna.

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