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Berk at the last minute: an overview of the necessary areas and opening hours

The deadline for tax returns is bl. You have as no later than Wednesday the 31st. The tax can be dreamed of thousands of crowns, but the year on the tax levy must be proven. So far, only a fraction of the people submitted the completed form of the sentence area.

According to the estimate of the Ministry of Finance and 1.9 million tax fees, this year’s tax is due. In the individual regions, only a few dozen thousands of people reported the tax at the end of the burrow. Finann ady oekvaj v zvru bezna nval.

The electronic business is still very little used, at the end of the day only 1,398 fees did so.

“Half of the people submit their taxes at the last minute, ie in the last and penultimate week,” warns Ondej Jakob, a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance.

How many people declared tax on the income of natural persons
Zdaovac period Poet daovch piznn
2005 2 034 434
2006 2 246 839
2007 2 348 299
2008 1 727 308
2009 estimated 1.7 and 1.9 million
zdroj: Ministry of Finance R

Finann series will be open from 22nd on

Those who are going to submit the tax form and pay the tax in the last days, from the 22nd to the 26th day, can have different hours, when the filing office of the financial office will be open until 6 pm.

With the tax return, you can go to the financial sessions in the district on Saturday, February 27, from 8 am to 12 noon. From Monday, March 29, and until Wednesday, March 31, all financial filings will be open until 6 pm.

If you have a green data box, this year you can send a tax return this way for the first time. Filling in the form of all areas can be sent to the financial board and by registered mail.

Use the option to save on tax, attach documents

You can also pay income tax this year through six deductible items. However, you must complete each item you apply. Otherwise, the financial contribution will not be recognized.

And the tax base can be reduced by 12 thousand crowns, if you pay for the selected type of life insurance. It is, for example, a 60 msc insurance policy with a premium payment after reaching the age of 60.

Another and 12 thousand crowns can be deducted for payments to the pension supplemented with a permanent contribution. In order to reach this tax levy, however, it is necessary to pay a total of 18 thousand crowns for the pension supplement for the year. Confirmation of payments for life insurance and supplementary pension insurance was sent out by insurance companies around the course of January and November, if you do not have the documents, issue them quickly to your insurance company.

Hypotka pin nejvraznj daovou levu

If he pays the mortgage or returns from the building savings, you can dream of a tax base for years paid and up to 300 thousand crowns per household. Here you have confirmed confirmation of paid years.

Whoever uses this deductible item for the first time also drank a copy of the contract balance to the tax formula. If there are any changes in your credit agreements, for example in fixing the years of the rate, the financial ad will also want a copy of the new credit conditions.

Dan sn i nkter gifts and achieved qualifications

The tax base can be reduced by some donations, for example for the safety of blood clotting, when the value of one collection is valued at one hundred and two thousand crowns. Or donations to various charities, at least in the amount of one thousand crowns or two percent of the taxable amount.

In total, you can pay for donations and ten percent of the tax base. This is also necessary to prove, for example, the donor by contract or confirmation from the recipient’s organization.

Who is in the unions and pay regular membership fees, I can reduce the tax base, which can be deducted, and about three thousand crowns. The opportunity to teach for the tax is the personal expenses for the exams, which you increased your qualification to last year, so that you can perform certain professional or professional craftsmanship and other activities.

“In such a case, the tax deposit can be reduced by 10 thousand crowns. These are tests verifying the results of further education. The costs spent on language or retraining courses cannot be considered as these exams, ”points out Miroslava Bardonkov, a spokesman for Finann’s directorate for the capital city of Prague.

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