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Beware of holiday souvenirs. The threat of a fine

When packing the suitcase at the end of the holiday, pay attention to what you bring to it. You have to be allowed for some souvenirs, otherwise I will be threatened with a fine and one and a half million crowns and a penalty.

I will protect you and the mule you find on the field. Ask what you can bring without sanctions from the most visited countries and what you will need permission to do.

European Union

In the countries of the European Union, you can buy whatever you want without restrictions and bring it home. So if it’s not just elvnn elva or mosk korly. Even in the European Union, especially during the Mediterranean Sea, species that are not allowed to be traded under fines or even criminal penalties are also endangered.

“These are species listed in the international CITES language under special protection marked type A, ie the most important. These are, for example, some terrestrial elves, but also bears and trophies, explains the head of the CITES Czech Environmental Inspectorate, Pavel hov.

The protection also includes species, which are marked B and can be traded with them.

“These are mainly different types of mules and beads, which can be bought at Mediterranean times and can be brought to the Czech Republic. While the import of such souvenirs from three countries is necessary for import and import, in the European Union these souvenirs can be carried without permission. It is important for you to have a thin, or document, where the object comes from, ”warns Pavla hov.

For the inhabitants of the European Union, the salary is one limit, namely for goods that are subject to excise duty. In Europe, they can carry 800 cigarettes, 400 short cigars, 200 cigars, 1 kilo of table, 10 liters of spirits, ie hard alcohol, 20 liters of a product with a medium alcohol content, ie aperitifs, and 90 liters of wine, of which a maximum of 60 liters, for personal consumption. umivho vna and 110 liters of beer.

Exceptions in some countries

An example of z ecka It is not possible to export antiques and art objects to EU countries without special permission. Tourists traveling by car can have only 10 liters of fuel in a metal canister outside the GDR.

The recent case of confiscated olive oil by Czech tourists, which according to local customs should have been in a wooden transporter, can also be used for new Czechs.

France is a pedantitj for transported pensions. You can travel around the Union without any problems with cash up to 10 thousand euros. If you have anything, you need to fill in a declaration on the import / export of pensions. In France, you must contact the customs office in person when entering or entering the country or in writing at the Service des titers du commerce extrieur. 10 thousand salary per person traveling alone, for a family salary for all relatives together.

Do Itlie again, do not carry even a liter of gasoline in a canister outside the GDR, do not export raw meat, especially zucchini.

U Bulgaria you are allowed to take care of the car and pay attention to the import and export of precious metals and stones. Gold and platinum up to 37 grams, perks and accessories made of gold and platinum alloys up to 60 grams and silver in unwrought or semi-worked forms and coins, perks and accessories made of silver alloys up to 300 grams may be used without written inspection.

Most tourists who violate the regulations on import and import of goods across the Union are detained by customs officers at the airport.

He also threw controls on the roads. For the most part, confiscate the items from you and pay the fine. In sanction bad on the ground and on the souvenir that you pour.

A much visited country outside the EU

On the way to Tunisia keep in mind that Tunisian dinars must not be imported or exported. Pay attention to objects made of international protective species, such as musical instruments made of crowns or snake products.

Tunisians are about stoves or mules from the ple “nekrt”. I can’t carry a shell. If you buy stores on the market, it is good to know when, where and for how much you bought them.

Without customs problems, the tourist will drive such leather shoes, shoes, wallets, a favorite souvenir or ceramics, change carpets, walks, skis, teaks, silver perks.

Vvoz prodnho a kulturnho bohatstv z Egypt is psn steen. Do not put corals, shells and mules, or stones from the pyramid in your pocket. Fines reach $ 500, and customs officers can write a report with you as long as you pass the plane. Do not export antiques and gold in unprocessed form.

I can import or export goods up to 5,000 Egyptian pounds. The pension you have with you will be included in the new customs declaration and on departure you will also show it with receipts from the exchange. Customs officers can confiscate me not listed in the formula.

The path of devices such as computers and cameras must be declared at the skin and the ground can be removed again.

Turkey – The transport of old items older than 100 years is legal. When transporting a newly manufactured carpet, proof of purchase must be provided.

ei si from Turkey car gold, koen clothed, carpets, ceramics. It buys alcohol, cigarettes and perfumes, prices are better than us. It’s okay if you choose a reasonable amount, ie a liter per person, two cartons of cigarettes and a maximum of five perfumes. When u customs officers find tons of cigarettes, alcohol and expensive coats, calculate the duty and pay with beef without penalty.

If you drive mules or small beads, bad at customs, sometimes leave them alone, other times there is an advantage.

Duty-free salary for goods up to a total value of 300 euros.

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