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Beware, the rest of yours sometimes lies here

You often pay with your purchases by card, withdraw cash from an ATM and you have several standing orders and direct debits set up here, then you may have a problem with how much exactly you have here first. Do you know when the rest of yours is really current?

When Bank transactions taking place on the bank here are different, namely the salary is mainly for payment orders, cash withdrawals from ATM and card payments at the businesswoman. Banks even due to the fact that there are time delays when making payments (for example, when paying by card, merchants pay 30 days), they use two balances for this current (so-called available) and etn (according to the actual side of payments). How is the difference between them and where can you find them?

You can find out the official balance from the bank whenever a paper entry is issued. Of course, find out one by looking at one of the kanl pmho banking. There you will also find the balance of the current, which reflects the exact state of funds that you have in your account, even if ..

Imprinter – ztovn do 30 dn

Not always and under all conditions it can be precisely updated to how many pensions you have used up and how many of them you have available. This is especially true if you have used an embossed payment card for cashless payments on a so-called imprinter. This type of payment is not made in the online mode, so the bank is not able to block the outstanding money here and ask for funds for it. However, it is not necessary to just make an offline payment with the inactive account pin.

Payment blocking only at some banks

Sometimes the banks themselves do not register all payments immediately after they are made and do not update the balance in accordance with them. This salary is generally valid for payments at merchants. Some banks do check online if the required funds are available, but do not block them, so you can buy you a ticket for a day in a day. If the merchant requests it, you can get into the so-called unauthorized debetuwhich banks penalize not in the first few years (they can reach up to 30% pa)

Bank years unauthorized debit rate (pa)
esk spoitelna 25 %
UNDER 30 %
eBanka 29 %
GE Money Bank 30 %
HVB Bank 17,50 %
Komern bank 25 %
Potovn spoitelna 30 %
Raiffeisenbank 26,10 %
ivnostensk bank 25 %

Source: banks


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Payments are displayed lpe

When entering payment orders or direct debits, the possibility of checking the available funds is much better. For most banks, once the order is backed, it is settled within a few minutes and the account balance is adjusted accordingly (this salary in the case of using one of the banking channels). In several cases, the bank updates the account balance continuously in several doors, which is first related to the door processing and sending of data. Payment orders entered on the account or with the help of the collection box will be reflected in the account balance at the latest at the end of the day or on the date that was entered on the order.

It is similar with outgoing payments. The bank is either continuously credited to the client’s account, or it is the moment what is the case of eBanka or ivnostensk banka. It always happens that the bank makes payments only once a day.

ATMs and an “orientan” ship

Withdrawing cash from an ATM is thus one of the items that goes into the balance here. Natst, the vast majority of banks take these withdrawals into account in the account balance almost immediately, if it is a withdrawal in R, which is the difference from a card payment. It is therefore not necessary to look for the withdrawal as often as card payments, but you should definitely have an overview of them.

When we have ATMs at them, in addition to cash collection and other functions, you can also find out the balance here, but always only with a pair of cards and ATM one bank. You must keep in mind that this information is only updated once a day. Also, if you have done several operations on it in one day, it is very inaccurate.

How is the balance updated here? Everything HERE.

So if you need to know your balance, find out most of the help of most banks, get help from one of the banking channels. Find out the exact amount of money at ATMs and find out only the national balance of the account from the paper entry, which relates to a certain date. When making frequent payments and withdrawing cash with a card, you should check your movements here quite often. Not only will you get an overview of whether the bank has charged all payments to it, but also whether there has been any erroneous operation (eg a double payment) that you would have to claim from the bank.

It so happened that you were surprised by the balance here and then found out that it was not updated? Have you ever gotten into unauthorized debit due to the large number of card payments? Drinks them with light.

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