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Break down the most in Prague and in St. Nad Labem, the survey shows

Research by SOB Pojiovny showed that the number of traffic accidents increased compared to the previous year in northern Bohemia and Kladno. Accidents are mapped by the insurance company every year throughout the Czech Republic. The results show that neighboring districts can have a completely different number of accidents.

The SOBP index, as its survey calls it, revealed that there are almost ten accidents in every hundred cars from Prague. What shows a slight improvement over last year. More storms than last year are on their minds from the north.

The most risky district of Moravia is Ostrava, Brno-msto and Karvin. In the Czech Republic, the number of accidents according to the Index of

An interesting difference is, for example, in Prague-zpad, which has an Index of 8.78 and a number of accidents in the neighboring district of Beneov with an Index of 3.43. idii from Prague-zpad, therefore, caused almost two-thirds more accidents than the people of nearby Beneov.

“In Prague, the overall traffic is heavy and the driving is more aggressive than in other locations. For example, to Rychnov or Beneov drive to the people for rest. The way of driving and the number of traffic accidents also correspond to this, ”Tom Hejda explains the issue of the press.

Compared to the previous year, in the period January-z, idia from the district of Kutn Hora, Prague-entrance and Strakonice improved. The biggest burns were found in people from the districts of Most, Dn and Tachov.

Worst districts by car accidents

Period SOB Index 2009 SOB Index 2008
Praha hl.m. 9,62 9,8
st nad Labem 9,28 7,29
Most 8,95 6,39
Kladno 8,82 7,71
Prague-back 8,78 9,31
Ostrava 8,65 8,84
Dn 8,08 5,87
Brno-msto 8,06 8,48
Karvin 7,96 7,88
Jablonec nad Nisou 7,81 7,36
Source: SOB Pojiovna; m vy Index, tm vy is the accident rate in the given district; The 2009 index is for January-z.

The best districts according to car accidents

Period SOB Index 2009 SOB Index 2008
Rychnov nad Knnou 2,20 3,33
Havlkv Brod 2,68 3,87
Rakovnk 3,09 4,14
r over Shavou 3,15 3,4
Kutn Hora 3,21 5,35
Beneov 3,43 4,79
Svitavy 3,45 3,97


st na Orlic 3,64 3,77
Jindichv Hradec 3,65 3,77
Source: SOB Pojiovna; m ni is the Index, tm ni is the accident rate in the given district; The 2009 index is for January-z.

Cheap obligatory liability according to the accident rate of the district

The insurance survey is used to determine discounts on compulsory liability. And by 10% they may have a cheaper obligation to drive from the district with it after accidents. Therefore, I am obliged to pay for this year at SOB Pojiovny idii from 42 districts. The insurance company thus tries to motivate the idea of ​​safe driving.

The SOBP Index from compulsory liability was calculated on the basis of SOB Pojiovny’s statistics for January to 2009 for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and especially for motorcycles, according to the number of insurance claims and the number of connected vehicles in the given district. The data was transferred to ron bzi. Insurance claims are assigned to individual districts according to the address of the vehicle owner, it only caused the code, not according to the location of the accident.

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