Tuesday May 24, 2022

Budvar sold the most beer in one year last year

Budjovick Budvar sold 1.32 million hectoliters of beer last year, which is a mezzanine of 5.5 percent more. The brewery thus recorded the second best result in its history. Lep had only the year 2000, when he sold 1.35 million hectoliters of beer, said Petr Samec.

Good results were helped mainly by exports, which were the highest in the history of the ameziron brewery and increased by eight percent.

In the Czech Republic, sales increased by 3.4 percent. “We managed to reverse the unfavorable trend of 2010, in which we lost more than seven percent on the domestic market due to the increase in consumption taxes,” said Budjovick’s Budvar’s sales director Robert Chrt.

Sales of the flagship product, the light medicine of the Budweiser Budvar characters, increased the brewery by 6.5 percent. According to bottled pivamezir, it increased more than a residue and its volume first exceeded the limit of 800 thousand hectoliters.

The company’s sales grew by less than two percent. “The dynamics of the number of needs was caused by the strengthening of the koruna, as well as by the structural shift of European demand from gastronomy to the retail segment,” said Chrt.

According to preliminary estimates of the Czech Association of Breweries and Malthouses, Czech beer production stagnated last year, with only about one percent increasing in domestic domestic beer production.

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