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Building societies sell not only savings and vry. It is not always appropriate

Building societies have grown to be a city where you can only afford to live. You can subscribe to banks and associations for a number of other products, but be careful: do not worry about the fact that it will always be financially suitable for everyone.

Cross-selling or buy in one city

For financial institutions, metal sales (such as leases) are a very interesting business. Due to the fact that practically all of them are a group of financial groups, offer clients and products from a company from the group. In limited cases, they also mediate offers from external partners.

Usually cross-selling works on a simple principle, when you “buy” one product and service, you get the type more suitable, with a discount and certain bonuses. The agreement goes to clients and financial institutions. The client will get something extra and usually more suitable, not if he agreed on each product separately, and financial institutions will attract the client more closely. Rely on the fact that I will have to go elsewhere.

Two is better than one

The idea to create a savings program that combines two suitable products with limited support into one, had two building societies, an eskomoravsk building society with Lika plus and Modr pyramida with MAXIspoen.

The principle of this offer is that the client can receive two hundredths of support in the amount of 4,800 crowns per year, and thanks to the tax will add a maximum of 1,800 crowns to the pension supplement, ie a total of 6,600 crowns.

Lika plus has been in the offer of the Eskomoravská stavebná spořitelna since May 2007. ”In the first year, our financial advisors closed around 50 percent of pension benefits, first under the Lika plus program. And this trend continues, ”said Marketing Director Rostislav Trvnek.

As of December 31, 2008, almost 50,000 people had arranged Liku plus.

The Blue Pyramid has been offering the MAXIspoen program since the end of last year. She also noticed the interest of the client.

Even though all building societies have the same monuments for metal sales, not all options offer something other than building societies in full use. While Modr pyramid or Eskomoravsk stavební spořitelna are very active in metal sales, for example Stavebn spoitelna esk spoitelny offers only one product.

Modr pyramida m co nabdnout

“Modr pyramida has been profiled as a bank for the family for several years and is thus a pleasant place for clients,” said Hana Vankov, editor of the savings bank’s communications. Her words are also evidenced by a large offer of the so-called Blue product, specially developed for the clients of the Blue Pyramid. Last year, the savings bank brokered a dog of 22 thousand. Spoitelna offers them in cooperation with companies within the Finann Group of Komern banka.

Between n Modr account and Modr account Plus, the bank is managed by Komern banka. Clients of the Blue Pyramid do not pay anything for their maintenance if the turnover on the account exceeds 10,000, resp. 25,000 crowns. In the event that the client closes one of the accounts together with enough of the inferior tax, get a discount of 0.1% per year.

Clients of the Blue Pyramid can draw a consumer loan to the Blue Loan and up to 250,000 crowns without collateral. Nothing is paid for processing, maintenance or two payments.

Dalm product intended only for clients of the Blue Pyramid is the Blue credit card with a level limit and 250,000 crowns. If the client spends more than 36,000 crowns, he does not pay anything for keeping it here.

As a complementary promise to vrr, clients of the Blue Pyramid can take on the risks of a life-related Pyramid.

Spoitelna, of course, has sold products that are not intended only for its clients. These include KB for students, savings, pension insurance and thus property insurance and compulsory insurance, where Allianz Insurance is a partner. According to the offer, you will find the Investin Capital Funds of Komern banka according to the offer.

Lika: hodn produkt, nulov zvhodnn

Spoitelna focused on selling a wide tusk product. Since the second half of 2004, when the law made it possible, it has started offering pension connections from SOB Penzijní fond Progres a Stabilita. This was followed by a fund of funds that are prepared especially for clients of savings banks from foreign companies, the Belgian KBC and the German Union Investment.

The area of ​​life insurance in MSS covers the risks of life insurance, which the savings bank mediates in cooperation with the German insurance company R + V.

V neposledn ad si prostednictvm MSS mete uzavt postirov et a spotebitelsk vr od Potovn spoitelny.

Even with the rich offer of cross-selling products, you will encounter only one benefit, which will not bring any particular financial advantage. If the client arranges a building connection and saves his history, he will be offered a pre-approved consumer account without a defined income.

Wstenrot: interesting financial rewards

Spoitelna is a part of the Wstenrot financial group, uniting three companies. In addition, they mediate the sale of their products and clients can receive various financial rewards. “Clients of all Wstenrot companies have the opportunity to become members of the Wstenrot Club free of charge, in which they are awarded for each agreed product according to the established rules with so-called loyalty points. When negotiating a new product from Wstenrot’s offer, these points are raised on a financial basis, ”says Helena Dukov.

And prmie are really interesting, provide and until in nap. when concluding a contract on building savings 1% of the duty; when concluding a contract of 1% of the debt; when concluding a mortgage contract 50% of the fee for the processing of the contract; in the event of a change in the fixation of the years of the mortgage rate 50% of the installment rate; when concluding a life insurance contract 50% of the annual premium, a maximum of 5,000 crowns; when concluding a motor insurance contract 10% of the resulting annual insurance premium and when concluding a motor insurance contract 20% of the resulting annual insurance premium.

For financial advisors, clients can also arrange a pension supplement from the AXA pension fund.

Raiffeisen sex on sister

Spoitelna is primarily focused on its basic products, building savings and the resulting results. All cross-selling products are offered financial advice via its sister company Raiffeisen. In the products of the offer you will find pension connections, life insurance, multiple insurance, insurance real estate and households, insurance liabilities and mortgage loans.

“We never wanted to go along the way in connecting our quantity product with our stockpiles. All Raiffeisen financial advisory products are offered to clients separately from ours. We are convinced that our building societies and vry are so high quality that the client does not need support from another company with another product in their form for their closure, ”explains Tom Vry, Marketing Director of the Building Societies.

Buinka does not own a shop

In addition to the building society, the client can also take out the insurance company Kvatro, which the company offers in cooperation with Pojiovná esk spoitelny and Pojiovna Cardif Vita. You can also arrange various connections for me.

Clients can meet the smallest offer of metal sales at Stavebn spoitelny esk spoitelny. According to Zdenka Blechov, since they do not have their own seller, offer their products exclusively through the branches of esk spoitelna and its external partners.

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