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Buy kites on the web until December 17. Then you risk your nerves

tdr day bl bl, do not rely on purchases at the last minute or when you order kites online. Shops that have stone offices will be available until the last day, so he needs some time for delivery.

You should be sure if you can complete your order by Monday, December 17th. Hodnobchodgaranten delivered to go under the tree, when order by Wednesday 19 December. Most stores now on the main page of information, where they state the last date of the order of goods to arrive to go under the tree.

“In order to make it easier for users to choose the e-shop, we have started displaying a small icon of the outdoor tree next to Heureka.cz, which informs about when it is possible to order goods with a guarantee in the given shop until Christmas,” said Kamil Demuth from the buyer Heurka.cz.

Beware of the bag when picking up the drk. According to information from online stores, you should contact the goods that are available “on request” or “in stock at the supplier”. There, even with your order, you would not have time to deliver the goods.

“At Aukra, customers can use simple filtering, where they choose the seller first according to the length of delivery. The most frequent time is two and a week. When customers filter the seller according to the city of their residence, they can also choose personal collection and leave the purchase quiet at the last minute, ”said Michaela Papeov, talking to the Aukro.cz shopping portal.

“Large stores, or those that have their own vendors, will sell goods by the day,” said Jan Vetyka of the Association for Electronic Commerce, but not to recommend at the last minute is not recommended. ” service, or worn out or it will be sold out. “

For example, in the Kasa.cz store, customers can order goods and until 24.12. within 12 hours, but only if they are picked up in person at one of the Kasahouse stone shops. “The advantage of buying on Kasa.cz this year is the Donate Without Worries event. Customers can drill an unpacked inappropriate drill until January 13, 2013, ”said Jitka Soukov.

Even when buying last minute, beware of dishonest e-shops and unpaid online merchants do not pay or pay in advance.

A good guide for choosing an e-shop are current reviews of other customers, which tell you about how e-shops stand in the first period, how to manage to communicate with customers and how quickly to send goods.

Did it happen to me that the ordered dragon did not reach you?

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