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Card: Report the loss to the bank immediately

It will happen in an instant. You move on the trit, sometimes buy something and a thief with two, from where you pull out your pension. Then in where to surely move. Stand in a foreign country without pensions, often without a credit card. Call your bank immediately and block the card.

Take care that you will not be able to call for free, as if you were calling from the Czech Republic, which can be a complication when you drank your mobile phone.

To make a phone call, call yourself, you must contact your card association directly, in which case you will feel English, because do not speak Czech on the Visa or Mastercard lines. In addition to its native strength, the number of block cards is good, so it is important to have it noted somewhere in the diary.

Pay for the block

The blocking itself costs something. It is usually cheaper for electronic cards, where it costs 100 and 500 crowns, pay for the so-called embossed card (with plastic embossed data), their lock cost and two thousand. From the moment the bank blocks the card, no one will use it either when withdrawing from an ATM or when paying at a store. In addition, some banks will want to confirm the blocking in person after your return, so ask for action on the part of the operator who will block it. You must return the bank after returning the bank, so in all cases where you had a security card, you will want to submit a police report on the card to all you want.

who is the cheapest?

Need a new card?

If you can’t go on leave without a new card, it will be expensive. Banks will pour it, usually it takes 2 and 5 days and costs less than 6000 crowns. An operation that may not pay off for ten days. If you are actually without a crown (euro, dollar, kuna…), call the house. Give someone in the family and a friend to go to Western Union’s peppermint and make the necessary cash for the vs. Information on branches can be found at www.westernunion.com, in the Czech Republic there are over 90 branches, there are 245 thousand business cities in the world in more than 200 countries.

Ptel just has to know to whom he sent the pension and where. In the city of leave, you can then pick up your pension from the same company. Tm instant. This will happen even in the moment when you also drank for documents and the company cannot verify your integrity, when you wait for a password with your friend, they will issue a pension against him. The fee is waived and costs 350 crowns, for the ten thousand sent, for example, they deduct 850 crowns.

  • Payment cards and fees abroad

Tips: How not to allow a financial problem

1. Exchange your pension

Not always have enough cash in foreign currency. It pays to buy time the day before departure can be a problem. Vt vbr mn no banks often have guidelines.

2. Find out how much can be exported

Before leaving, find out if your regulations are allowed to be in force, which would restrict the import and export of national currency in some way.

3. Never have a pension on the street

Abroad, do not take out-of-office pensions directly on the street, even if they offer you an extraordinary course. It could easily be that you pay a lot of your pension for the roll of worthless peppers.

4. Pension for more than one city

Keep cash in several places, you can leave it in the safe of the hotel. Do not carry all pensions in your penny, and not together with documents at all. The safest cash cover is right on the body, buy a special case.

5. In plate card stores

Do not withdraw from an ATM, it is lpe to pay by card. If it’s mon, use it, uette the tracks charge. Don’t be ashamed to pay even relatively small amounts, 10 euros is almost 300 crowns, and you would use the card at home.

6. Do not enter your PIN on the card

Do not drink the PIN of the card directly on it or on its packaging, do not leave it or even on the pen in the penny. The safest place to save it is your head.

7. Block the stolen card

Make a note of the international telephone number in your child on which your bank can block the stolen
map. If you lose your card, do not hesitate and report the loss to the bank immediately.

8. Potejte, and neutral ve

There may be problems with the exchange, keep proof of the exchange of pensions. Laugh at the fact that banks from vs buy out only paper pensions. Remember that there is a charge for the return.

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