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Career cost her a lot of strength and energy. Obas ct fired, but don’t give up

She has established herself in the world of finance, where spermi. She started out as a salesman and developed into the CEO of the financial group Citfin. The woman who builds the career must not be and must endure the fight, for the ten-year-old Martina Arnold Rubnov.

With her hard managerial work, she practically did not work even on her mother’s house. She only grew her house. She sometimes takes Ron’s son with him to work. “He’s an acne guy and he’ll be able to turn it upside down in a moment,” smiles Martina Arnold Rubnov, CEO of the financial group Citfin, which has a hundred employees.

How to handle it – did he have dt and nronou work?
Thanks to my mom, it works. She’s the one who cares about my son when I have to work. He lived with them, so it’s easy. Sometimes a partner will get involved. Of course, I limited my work a little, especially before the birth and a few weeks after him. My brain just didn’t work the way I needed to. The long wall from home, in the office I have two times a week. But I’m coming back in full in April, I got a private stamp.

Have you ever regretted that quick return to work?
I don’t have the nature to be home for years. I do not think that my son suffers, that he does not have every day, every hour with him. We may have a few moments together, but we’ll talk about it all the more. I knew I couldn’t do it at home, I’m just like that. I admire the moms who do it.

When they stay home for a long time, they can lose contact with their profession. Many of them are then used in vain.
J mm different experience. I would hire mothers for a wall of harnesses, but paradoxically I didn’t find them on the market. It would be worthwhile for them to come together in an organization to take care of them. I have one mom here for a twisted ligament and it works perfectly. You work in.

Don’t you know her?
The average number of our employees is 26 years. This generation is not educated to enjoy a good job, a pleasant environment. Take it for granted. Wheels educate them so that everyone can “sit on their butts” in front of them, but this is not the case at all. They are then taken aback by reality. On the contrary, mothers after work and work are modest. Some people say that they will still be at home with sick children, but there are no visible differences in ours. Oekvm, my people will work at 120 percent, and neem whether it’s a graduate or a mother after matesk.

Did he change his view of the work after the birth of his son?
Yes, I won’t do that to her. Not that I would double me, but my priorities have changed. I divide everything between colleagues, I naively don’t think I’ll be in control. I do not intervene in the vc series like two.

one hundred employees. How did you get into Citfin management?
I liked the company for a long time, I worked for similar ones, but abroad. Then I disappeared in Australia, after returning I wrote an innocent e-mail to the owner and offered him my experience. We sat down, I presented my vision to him and the deal was in the world. I started as a salesman, then I became a sales director, since 2006 I have been the general manager.

Was it to get “up” in the world, which finance undoubtedly is?
It was. It cost me a lot of energy and energy, but it worked. The results I wanted to see were behind me. If women build a career, don’t be afraid and they have to endure the fight. They have many frovch weapons they can handcuff. Unfortunately, while a man has to take one step, one has to take two. That’s just the way it is.

you lived in Australia, studied there. How was it?
It was a big wheel. I would put all the young people on a plane and say to them: Go! Gain insight and experience, learn independence. In addition, he improved in a foreign language.

How did you get there?
After the round, I worked in several companies, but on the bottom I didn’t enjoy it as I would have imagined. And then my guru – ddeek – told me to go and gather experience abroad. I originally went to Sydney for half a year, it was those years. I studied marketing and PR. So I got married there, but the marriage didn’t last long. I worked in a hospice, taking care of old people. Then Dad got sick, so I fidgeted.

The Citfin Group focuses mainly on the foreign exchange market. What do you offer?
We offer companies, foreign and domestic payments, so we have our own payment cards. We do not provide loans, mortgages, risk-free product. We currently have three thousand clients, most often a medium-sized company that trades abroad.

Do you know your clients?
It is so. Some people even have personal problems. We know better clients, so we will offer them quality services. And it is clear that when you have a good relationship with the customer, damn you think of moving to another financial situation, where he will talk either with the machine or a mess with another operator.

With your offer of services, you are approaching the bank…
We do not have a banking license. Mon it will take a step, but for now we will not go to this stage. Our main business is based on exchange, so let’s change the crown to foreign exchange and taxes. That’s why years ago we had to think about how long if the Czech Republic drank the euro. That would of course work for us. We want to stay in the industry, so obtaining a banking license is one of the options.

You have the cards, but the branches are missing, isn’t that your big minus?
It is true. If the client wants to drink for them, he must contact us in Prague-Butovice. That’s why we have such suitable prices, we don’t have to pay financial services. Our clients serve via internet banking.

Bav vs prce?
She is a variety, but sometimes she could have fun. Obas ctm nco as fired. He always saves me, he fights with me, he pours energy into me and I work on time again. The thought occurred to him to give it a long time, but then I realize how much work is ahead of me, I also don’t want to leave the divisions full. I need to know that it will turn out in time, and I want to be there.

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