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Careful: Let’s imagine how to dream of the risk of breaking into an apartment or a house

There are about 1.5 million family houses in the Czech Republic and three million flats. After all, family houses become more thieves and three times more apartments. It is much easier for the perpetrators to break into the house.

“Family houses are an attraction, because there is less risk that thieves will be noticed. In the case of an apartment, there are usually two two entrances to thieves and only two entrances to a specific apartment, both of which are usually secured by the sun.

In the case of a family house, one door, or a classic window, but a very popular path are also balconies and French doors, ”Jan epek from SOB Pojiovny described the most frequent path of unwanted visitors.

Do not heat the remaining thieves

In those weeks, this year is associated with thieves, allowed for the best season of the year. To avoid being among the disabled people to visit this year, follow our advice and recommendations.

Facebook is a thief source of information for apartments. Do not drink publicly about your thermal leave. Take the children in this direction. Don’t brag about how expensive things you’ve taken into your home.

Do not leave the fact that you are not at home, but abroad abroad, on a message in a telephone sign or in a private e-mail.

Before the holiday, lock all doors and windows that could be thieved by thieves. Don’t forget the basement, attic and wall of the window. Thieves are able to get through the hole in the eye than the human head.

The windows should be secured in the ground with soft or safety sheets. Enjoy high-quality safety features in combination with other security features, such as a clamp.

Never leave your knees in the agreed places under the corner or in the flower. These are the first cities where thieves will go.

Leave the windows free. If you pull down the blinds and pull the curtains, the two thieves will signal that you are not at home. On the balconies, keep a piece of your ass.

Arrange with neighbors and relatives to check the plank when they are still and select a pot. They can exchange their ass on the balcony as proof that someone is.

Make sure that the dm and trees do not cover the dm and pedevm entrance. Thieves prefer access to camouflaged trees and trees, because they are safe.

If you have any valuables (perks, valuables, etc.), you should keep them in a safe at the bank for as long as you remain ill. For all cases, make a list and photos of all your valuables.

Don’t leave high pensions at home. Drive them to the bank before leaving. Don’t forget to hide the car keys, these are among the first things thieves look for in an apartment.

Peliv also keep proof of the purchase of expensive consumer goods. The production number on the document often makes it easier for the police to investigate your stolen property.

There are many interesting gadgets on the market, with their help you can deceive thieves and protect your property.

For example, a television simulator, which will seem to be broadcast on your TV in your apartment. The simulator turns on after dark and generates light for several hours as the TV turns on.

adu thief dock shut down camera. If you do not want to invest thousands of crowns in the installation of a security system, enjoy camera dummies. They are indistinguishable from the right ones. So a model of a sulfur with a flashing LED light will deter me from thieves.

In Prague, it is most likely burglary in apartments and houses

Prague, in contrast to other regions, probably leads to burglary in both apartments and family houses. Thieves here will unjustifiably break into households more often than not the national average. On the contrary, the owners of family houses and apartments in the Zlín and Pardubice regions can be most respected.

This follows from the data of SOB Pojiovny, which compared the number of family houses and apartments in individual regions with the recorded burglaries.

In more detail to individual regions

  • The capital city of Prague
    In the 1st city, the probability of entering both the category of family houses and apartments. Roughly ticked in probability in both categories compared to the national average.
  • Stedoesk kraj
    In the 2nd place most likely to break into the category of family houses, but in the 10th category in the apartment.
  • South Bohemian Region
    Pat kbezpenjm locality. The probability of breaking into a family house in this region is about a week, not in an apartment.
  • Plzesk kraj
    Thieves robbed apartments not family houses. But the risk of breaking into a family house is you.
  • Karlovy Vary region
    The number of burglaries in apartments and family houses is roughly the same, but the risk of burglary in a family house is about four times, not in an apartment.
  • plug region
    After Prazedruh, the least safe locality is that there are absolutely safe burglary between the regions.
  • Liberec region
    Family houses are clearly a great place here. The probability of an unwanted branch is almost seven times the number of stays.
  • Krlovhrad region
    There are five safe localities, although the probability of a thief in a family house is about ten times the number of stays.
  • Pardubice region
    The kind of safest locality in the whole republic, in the recorded burglary is the main family houses. The probability of an unwanted branch is about eight times the number of stays in them.
  • Vysoina County
    There are safe localities. Thieves focus here mainly on family houses, which are about eight times endangered by a group of non-apartments.
  • South Moravian Region
    Thieves focus here mainly on family houses. The probability of visiting a family home in this region is roughly four times higher than the number of stays.
  • Olomouc Region
    Pat among the safe regions of the Czech Republic.
  • Zlnsk region
    The safest location in the country. The region with the second smallest burglary in the Czech Republic in total only 221 burglaries in family houses and apartments. Here, too, thieves focus firmly on family houses, the probability of an unwanted branch is about eight quarters of the year.
  • Moravian-Silesian Region
    It belongs to a safe place, but mainly thanks to the absolute sweat burglary. The probability of an unwanted birth in a family house in this region is more than three times the comparison of stays.

Source: SOB Pojiovna based on statistics S and Police R

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