Sunday May 22, 2022

Cashback SOB and Potovn spoitelny


Cashback, the service of collecting cash when paying by card at a horse shop, also arrived in R in its classic form. The service will be offered to its clients by SOB and Potovn spoitelna in cooperation with Ahold (operator of the Albert and Hypernova store) from now on in these cities (Albert Chrpa Praha-Chodov; Hypernova Brno, Modice and Hypernova Kunovice), and from November in a number of stores .


– security of the transaction, or a PIN is always required to make the withdrawal
– cash withdrawal is not subject to a daily fee
– the service will be available to all types of payment cards (electronic, embossed, debit and credit issued by Visa and MasterCard)
– Vbr is feasible several times a day (with the need to always comply with at least the purchase of a paid payment card)


– cashback will only be available for the holder of the SOB and Potovn spoitelny payment cards in the Albert and Hypernova store
– cash withdrawal conditional on purchase with a payment card with a minimum value of CZK 300
– collections can be made only in the whole hundred-corunch, maximum bag 1500 crowns
– the waiting time for cash registers has been extended

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