Wednesday May 25, 2022

Catch a discount in discounts. Node in eight steps

The Czech Republic now operates an estimated 130 discount portals. At the time of the greatest boom, there were two hundred of them. It is estimated that their number of jets will fall well below the hundred.

Last year, customers paid about 1.8 billion crowns for discount coupons, this year it could be as many as three billion crowns.

1.It doesn’t matter which portl you choose

If you shop at one of the big discount stores, you don’t have to be a scam. Even if you are 100% sure that you will be able to apply the discount, you will never have it, because the responsibility lies with the person who provides it, not the discount portal. The same offer of discount websites is similar, because many sellers who offer discount coupons or vouchers advertise in several cities at the same time.

2.It goes even without registration, but you get the benefits you get

You can shop even if you do not register on the server, but of course the owner is worth the order, and therefore offer them various benefits.

For example, you can collect credit points, for which you can also buy discount vouchers and the like. In addition, thanks to registration and the fact that you always log in to the portal with your name, it is easier to get coupons for a discount.

Without registration, for example, you will have to contact the customer line after purchasing a discount, and only then will the voucher arrive by e-mail. In addition, some discounts, their validity is slowly coming to an end, can only be bought by vrn or registered customers.

3.You can filter the offer according to st

The websites of discount portals are very similar. Where you will find the main categories and subcategories above, you can also click directly on what you are interested in. In addition, you can filter the offer by location, and on the first page you will see either the latest discounts or, conversely, those for which you have the last chance to buy. Most portals are deploying new discounts, and then the biggest thing is that you come across something really appropriate.

4.See discounts and free dates

First of all, consider the discounts. It is sometimes amazing, but it is worth exploring for how much the seller offers, for example, a stay and a cosmetic step normal, and what the discount includes. When staying, always check whether you have time off in the term, which you do not know at the time through the discount portal, you must contact the hotel and the pension. Similarly, you must book your term with you, if you leave it at the last minute before the coupon expires, you do not have to succeed.

5.Pay as you ever shop online

And to choose the discount that appealed to you, click on the Buy button. Discount coupons are paid similarly to other goods or online purchases. So by card, bank transfer or, for example, through the Paypal payment office, you have to easily create a payment card (to create a hundred e-mail and password). Some sellers of discounts also make a payment for a good, send either by Czech sweat or through courier services.

6.Find out how to apply the discount in the email

The discount voucher takes the form of a unique code, which will be sent to you by e-mail together with instructions on how to apply the specific discount. If you have bought, for example, a toy or a vacuum bag that you want to send sweat, you have to get a discount in the e-shop of the operator.

When buying a weekend stay, enter the coupon in
e-mail to which you will reserve it. Always have your order confirmed, including discounts. Apply for the discount discount voucher directly at the travel agency, where it is different, the exact instructions for the specific departure will come together with the coupon.

In some cases, it is important that you print the voucher. For example, you have it, you can order it by phone and then claim a discount on the city. Similarly, you must have it on hand if you are going to pick it up at the stone shop of the portal, which has recently been added.

7.You can buy and give discounts for collected points

Credits, tolars and the like are the points by which some discount portals reward their registered customer orders. You can get them, for example, for different competitions and later buy discount vouchers for them.

Some portals, such as Slevomat, also exchange the coupon, which you did not use, for these points, you will also be able to buy a new discount for it, the condition is to buy at least three vouchers. For example, on the Zapakatel website, which also offers similar points, you will not have to pay a pension in the form of points.

8.New portals build stone shops

Slev’s servers recently saw stone shops, but there are only a few of them, shops only have them only in Prague and Brno. However, they are a good choice for those who do not want or for some reason are afraid to pay for goods and services over the Internet. In these stores, you can pay in cash for goods that could not be bought on the website or were available to me only for registered customers with the purchase.

The reason? For example, there is an offer for which it was possible to pay by bank transfer. In order for the bag to be able to charge the seller for the discount transaction, it needs some time so that all payments are completed. Therefore, at the end, offer vouchers for cash only. In brick-and-mortar stores and, with some exceptions, you can buy or buy at discounts, for this you have to go directly to the person who provides them.

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