Tuesday Jan 25, 2022

Almun, and a police officer for a reward for colleagues from the Krnov area

On Saturday, the Minister of the Interior Radek John and the Police Director Oldich Martin praised the police officers who found themselves in Krnov against a tonka with a grant. Contrary to the hundreds, which is divided by their commander, but according to some police officers, they received almun. “A medal and ten thousand? And […]

The thief collected hundreds of thousands of crowns from the bill during the period

On Thursday, an unknown perpetrator used the orchard to rob a sign in the center of Vsetno. He took several hundred thousand crowns during the hour. “The case is under arrest, which is why we do not want to publish the exact message,” said Lenka Javorkov, a police officer. It took the thief only thirty […]

Gasoline is the most expensive in five years, the price of oil is about one hundred dollars per barrel

Gasoline prices in the Czech Republic have reached the highest values ​​in the last five years. A liter of natural costs more than 33 crowns on average. For very expensive oil, its price is higher up optimistic investors about the growth of world economies. To relieve domestic idim me only gym crown. Brent vera North […]

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