Tuesday May 24, 2022

Mal dan: Neplate vc, ne muste

And you can dream of a few thousand crowns by giving all the opportunities that are offered to you in this direction. There are questions of the type: How much do I pay to a pension fund or life insurance company? Did we go to charity last year? Be careful, you must have a document […]

Baggage insurance

The insurance company is damaged, destroyed or stolen by the things you take with you on the trip. The insurance indemnity is limited from above in the fuse. There are many different conditions that must be met in order for the insurance company to pay the code. Nap. When carrying luggage from a car, it […]

Don’t you want to drink about pensions? Insure yourself

Those who have enough pensions, usually to replace a non-existent event, can easily find out that insurance is expensive. So what to insure and how, when does the offerer prefer to resist? Clients should not confuse insurance households with house insurance, it is not the same. Dm are walls, floors, windows, doors, household, then what […]

To zvldnu: Daov piznn od A do Z

Do even a layman first consume money, do not study lessons or consult with experts? S on the surface yes. In addition, let’s advise you how to do it so that you don’t take a stc, you don’t have to. Families have the first pleasure to get back some of the pensions they took to […]

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