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Cena diamant neklesla u sto let, nyn pinej investorm zisk 15%

In the iDNES editorial office, we had diamonds worth 17 million crowns. The most expensive diamond in the Czech Republic will be sold in the next few days, worth EUR 1 million (CZK 25.2 million). Pemysl Synek, CEO of Diamonds International Corporation, answered your questions about the diamond online.

Pinme vm odpovdi na vybran otzky.

OTZKA: What is the biggest difference between trading in securities and diamonds? Where can you trade like this, how is the average diamond valued and how are the biggest risks of this trade?

ANSWERS: The main difference is that the diamond is owned directly by the tribe – an investment tool, thanks to which you can dispose of it according to your own name. You only have a share in the stock, do not directly affect its valuation. The average value of an investment diamond is 8 – 16%, however, it is lta (eg 2007), when it is valued and 57%! Always trade with a diamond dealer who will give you the money. You can find out more about them on our website

You can ask all the questions and answers HERE.

OTZKA: Why do you think I should buy diamonds right now, when they are at an all-time high? It’s not a little upside down. You claim that 57% has been appreciated in the last year. Now is not the time to buy a diamond.

ANSWERS: The price of a diamond has not fallen in the last 100 years. It will continue to rise in the years to come (an exhaustible sales source), but let’s not assume it so dramatically. However, this year its number was on average 15%.

OTZKA: If I bought and sold diamonds, how does the price of the dollar or the euro affect this price? Assuming you are trading outwards, the final price for the Czech order will depend on these courses first, as well as the risk of currency fluctuations must be taken into account.

ANSWERS: Of course, as with all commodities, the price of a diamond will be in dollars. However, the number is always weakened and not weakened by this currency. Yes, exchange rate changes can affect the final price of a diamond.

OTZKA: I wanted to ask if there is a fundamental difference between an “investment” and a “jewelry” diamond. I have about 10ct diamonds in various minutes, two of them around the card. Can such stones also be considered a good investment? And if I decided to sell them, how could I do it to sell as little as possible?

ANSWERS: Each diamond is a form of investment and each diamond has its buyer. It is generally said that stones from 1 ct and these parameters are considered investments in the world. On the contrary, the stones of these parameters are very quickly sold at lower prices. Due to the total volume you own, you have been evaluated by an “investor” and you as a very significant life investment 🙂

OTZKA: Hello, please inform me how the company DIC had a turnover in percentages and investment stones in 2007? What is the difference between a gemological laboratory certificate and a forensic report?

ANSWERS: in the hundreds of millions of K, the direct turnover on investment stones is growing sharply every month. The gemological laboratory follows the globally recognized standard for the assessment diamond. The bite of this review is not the price of the stone. Price is the bottom of these parameters and the development of the market. The opinion of a forensic expert is the vast financial evaluation of a given stone in time and city.

labelThe diamond brought by the director of DIC to show iDNES for an online interview is worth $ 1 million. However, it is by far not the most valuable diamond, which will soon find its new owner. In the next few days, DIC will sell the client the most expensive diamond that has been traded on the ground R so far, in the amount of 1 million euros (dog 25 million crowns).

OTZKA: From foreign economic sources, I read that in the following years the price was successful and a significant increase in the price of diamonds. What do you think about that? Where does the price / ron nrst get me?

ANSWERS: Of course, the number is assumed, because in general in the world, growth after luxury or goods is clear. In addition, the diamond has an investment value. This is greatly influenced by the fact that new markets such as e.g. on.

OTZKA: I wonder if it’s better to go with rough diamonds or diamonds? It is true that a diamond as a mineral has a very low real value (tens of dollars) but has it become a well-traded commodity thanks to a very well-thought-out trading campaign from the 1930s? Do you think that compared to gold, a diamond can retain its value even in the event of a serious economic crisis?

ANSWERS: Trade in rough diamonds is subject to very strict and tough international rules, see Kimberley process. At the same time, you need a lot of experience, especially in the field of beet. Urit is not a suitable store without many years of experience. On the contrary, the trade in cut diamonds is unrestricted worldwide and is very transparent thanks to the unambiguous description of stones and prices. It is not true that the raw material is worthless. It is an exhaustible resource and your costs are huge. In the event of a crisis, on the other hand, the price rises significantly.

OTZKA: 1. I want to buy some diamonds, where do you certify how to pack? 2. Where can I store my diamonds, I don’t have a safe?

ANSWERS: Diamonds International Corporation uses leading gemological laboratories to certify their supplied stoves: GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (Antwerp World Diamnod Center – Belgium), IGI (International Gemological Institute). Investin diamonds can be sealed from these laboratories in packaging, so today the laser marking on rundist stones is used for maximum transparency of trade. You don’t have to worry about preservation, as a diamond is very resistant to all external influences. If you have a child, decide to deal with this question

OTZKA: Mm njak real estate, give me a ron input of 9%, nco mm tv stocks, how many mm to invest in a diamond to be at least 10% valued?

ANSWERS: It is generally stated that the investment in diamonds should be in the range of 5-10% of assets. With a purchase in the range of 1.5-2 million K, such input can be achieved.

OTZKA: Can I invest in a diamond when I don’t even have a crown?

ANSWER: Investing in diamonds is above all a secure free financial means. Thus, the purchase of investment diamonds in the given situation is probably not the most suitable, however, you have the opportunity to participate in the diamond trade in another position than the investor. The diamond industry is one of the most stable in the world economy, so you too can find your city here.

OTZKA: m is that the price of a diamond cadoron rising? From your materials, I read that 5-card stones have been valued in 57 years?

ANSWERS: This is due to the increase in the price of the raw material (it is a limited quantity per planet) and due to the sophisticated market, which ensures a balance between supply and demand. Extremities last year are caused by instability in the mortgage, financial and stock markets. In this situation, investors always turn to the safest investment instruments. This created a huge demand, which sharply increased the price of the diamond.

OTZKA: I wonder how the price is different from a “raw” diamond and a diamond that is offered for sale.

ANSWERS: This question cannot be answered unequivocally, as each raw material strain is assessed individually. However, the price of raw materials is very high, as it is necessary to regularly use these raw materials. Bn usability of the raw material is in the range of 30-40%.

OTZKA: Mm free about 3mil, I sold enough on the stock exchange, when I buy an investment diamond, mm any certainty that I will not prolong? Where will he sell it back, who will pay me for it and the profit I have heard about?

ANSWERS: First of all, you must increase the time horizon of this investment. In the case of a diamond, it is not a short-term investment, as where the sale is associated with certain costs. Even with high returns over a period of time, this investment takes 3-5 years to generate a significant profit compared to other investments.

OTZKA: If you estimate the liquidity of the investment 3-5 carat investment diamonds

ANSWERS: The sale of such a stone by a businesswoman is in the world within a few hours, maximum days. This always depends on the parameters and the required prices.

OTZKA: How are the benefits of investing in a diamond?

ANSWERS: Diamond in the world serves as a conservative investment for long-term financial resources. In such a case, the investor dreams of an investment that is sure to have a regular increase, liquidity and these parameters are the same all over the world. In addition, he is sure to sweat, when this investment appeals to him aesthetically. A diamond meets all these parameters.

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