Wednesday May 25, 2022

Central banks did not move with rates

The Bank Board of the Czech National Bank left the rates unchanged for years. The basic year rate, from which the year of commercial exchange is derived, thus remains at 1.25 percent. NB Marek Petru informed about it. Analysts have taken such a step.

According to Raiffeisenbank analyst Michal Broka, leaving the annual rates unchanged could put a slight pressure on the Czech koruna.

“On the contrary, a more significant possibility of lowering the year’s rates in the near future could also be hampered by a more significant strengthening of the koruna’s strengthening, even through intervention against the koruna’s strengthening,” he said.

The Bank Board last cut rates on August 6, at a historic low of 1.25 percent. At that time, only seven bank councils voted in favor of the year’s rate. – vce tte NB opt dreamed years rates are the least in history

According to economists, one year can be seen with a gradual increase in annual rates.

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