Tuesday May 24, 2022

Chvez’s soldiers introduced the plates store for health

Venezuelan government inspectors and soldiers have just closed 70 stores due to the owner’s efforts to raise prices and spend on the devaluation of me. President Hugo Chvez warned the businessmen on Sunday on Sunday and sent troops to the streets. He threatened entrepreneurs to shut down or seize their stores.

As soon as the shops reopened after the presidency, a number of supermarkets and other companies, for example, were invaded by government inspectors with soldiers behind the walls, BBC TV described the situation in the country on its website.

Obviously, not all traders obeyed the government. According to the website of the Venezuelan daily Clarn, inspectors inspected 96 companies and temporarily set up businesses in seven cities around the country.

In addition to the army, they took the flow of shops in Monday, so ordinary Venezuelan, who hastily bought the main household appliances and electronics.

And what actually caused such a stir in the South American country? President Chvez inflicted devaluation and at the same time introduced a double exchange rate (in order to keep food prices low and lk). – Pette your field in the streets of the army. Soldiers should prevent health in shops

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