Tuesday May 24, 2022

Citibank nabz Valentnskou kreditn kartu

Citibank has been offering her a relatively long credit card, which is not only the photographer’s owner on the front of the sculpture, but also other parameters. Now the bank offers a special edition of Valentine’s cards. In em is so listed?


– je to dodatkov karta k ji vydan kreditce
– its publication and maintenance is free of charge all the time inside
– the card must be entered by April 30, 2006
– Thanks to the cards, you can buy flowers with a discount of 12 percent until April 30 through the website www.premiumflora.cz
– you can use the internet or telephone banking for the cards and check the status here
– its bezron period is 55 days


– The rate of 26.4% is one of the highest on the market and is available to most new clients
– when withdrawing cash with an ATM, pay a fee of 70 K or 3% of the selected item (always in both items)

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