Wednesday May 25, 2022

Closed to fly vs at work do not apologize. You have unpaid leave

Closed to flying causes of trouble even to employees who were supposed to be back on vacation on Monday. But they will not get to work, because they are waiting for departure. eenm is unpaid leave or extended leave. You should always inform your employer as soon as possible about your health.

If your family members are stranded abroad, contact their employers. They don’t have to succeed.

“During the operation or under public transport, the employer is obliged to provide the employee with time off work without payment of wages for the necessary time, if the employee is not able to come to work in another way. Absence in employment can, of course, be extended by extended leave, if the employer agrees with the employee, ”said Veronika Plekov, a lawyer from Havel & Holsek, for

After the carrier, the data will be confirmed

“The employee is obliged to prove the job at work to the employer. In order to fulfill these obligations, the first and natural persons, for example to fly a carrier, are obliged to provide the employee with the necessary cooperation, for example by issuing a certificate of departure, ”explains Pavel Jakab from the law firm Peterka & Partners.

With unpaid leave, however, the prickly gave up worries. If you take unpaid leave, you must pay for your health insurance.

People can get into employment at the end of this week. With each day of unpaid leave, the health insurance increase. The employee must pay 4.5 percent of the exchange and the employer must pay nine percent. If the employee does not say that he / she is taking unpaid leave, pay the whole 13.5 percent sm.

People who cannot get home or to the city of urns due to the eruption of the volcano will not receive day compensation for the canceled flight. They only have a place on a later plane, or a refund for the ticket.

The problem can also be travel insurance, which people have agreed only for the duration of their stay. For example, the European Travel Insurance Agency automatically extends the validity of the insurance company to its clients.

“We do not automatically extend travel expenses for us. We recommend clients to renew their contract themselves either via the Internet, telephone, or to arrange a person-mediated connection through a person in the Czech Republic, ”explains Tom Hejda from SOB Pojiovny.

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