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Collective boxes do not appeal to bank clients, but they are cheaper than a service at pepka

One of the ways to save time and pension on the basis of a one-time order to the castle, I can use the so-called collection box. For their clients, Zdly is only one of the domestic banks as an alternative to a cash flow order. However, many clients have not yet found their way to them.

In general, banks consider the collection box to be as secure as any other order. At the same time, appeal to your clients to adhere to basic security principles. These include in particular the protection of personal data, including your own signature pattern.

“The collection box is one of the channels that clients offer for entering payment orders. It is a safe and well-secured service. However, the very nature of such a way of receiving payment orders implies that boxes cannot be as sophisticated as an internet banking channel, ”said Jakub Puchalsk from Raiffeisenbank.

Only a very small number of bank clients are here that they can easily order a fraudulent order through a collection box. In esk spoiteln, new clients should be asked at the start if they want to use the box. It is possible to file a blocking of these services at any time later and free of charge. Thus Komern Bank promise to block um. In SOB and Raiffeisenbank, however, you will not succeed at this time. Volksbank does not provide this option as standard, however, it would be able to do enough for enough clients.

Despite their promise, the banks have set limits on transactions that can be carried out through the collection box. For example, the SOB set the limit relatively low, at 100,000 crowns. In esk spoiteln, Komern banka and Raiffeisenbank, they will process the submitted order and up to CZK 499,999, or the equivalent in foreign currency.

Volksbank adjusted the limit for the collection box to CZK 100,000 in VolksbankShops (branches in Kaufland) and to CZK 350,000 in all its branches. You cannot set a limit for your orders processed from the collection box. In addition to security limits and balances, banks place the greatest emphasis on the conformity of the signature with the signature pattern.

Volksbank, however, only needs to go one extra “tweak”. In case it is the first person, the client can attach to his signature and password, which he agrees in the signature pattern. Other banks recommend that you establish a signature pattern completely different from the current signature.

However, they did not want to provide the exact number of orders submitted through the bank’s collection boxes. Estimate their pot in two percent (at Raiffeisenbank you make about one percent of all orders, in SOB about six percent).

Table: Prices for a single voucher for the castle in eskch korunch
Bank Price per transaction (in korunch)
esk spoitelna 8
Komern bank 29
Raiffeisenbank 0-35*



Note: * according to the type here, ** order within Volksbank, *** fee for standard and non-standard paper payment order
Source: Banks

You can find the collection box in five domestic banks

Sbrn boxes are a service operated by esk spoitelna, SOB, Komern banka, Raiffeisenbank and Volksbank. The service works very similarly for all banks – the mailbox is placed inside a branch, where you can place a voucher for the castle that you want to pay from yours here. In no cooperation with anyone at the pepka bank, usually without eq and cheaper. The bank picks up the accumulated orders from the box (usually at the end of the cash desk of the branch – once, but also once a day) and then processes it.

In order to be successful, there must first be enough pensions. According to you, you must first fill in the order and its obligations. The fixed socket must not exceed the security limit of the service. The signature also plays a crucial role. He should perfectly match the signature pattern here.

If any of this is not fulfilled, the bank will not execute the order. The procedure was followed by the bank from the bank. esk spoitelna informs its clients in writing and by telephone about the non-execution of the order, similarly to Volksbank. SOB, on the other hand, does not warn its clients at all. The bank then appealed to the fact that the client inquired about the situation from his electronic banking or SMS Info service. If the client of electronic banking does not use what the case is likely to happen, he will come to an unexecuted order and after his house will receive an entry from here.

Dog sbrn box pay the elephant and enter the permanent order

If you are thinking about what can be entered through the collection box, then even in individual banks, your options vary. While in esk spoiteln i Volksbank do not enter anything except a one-time order to the castle and collection in esk mn, in Komern banka give the order to the castle, order ordered abroad and set up, change and mature however the order lasted.

The speed of processing, and therefore the subsequent transfer of pensions from yours here is so bad when you put the orders in the collection box. Boxes are selected by branch employees daily and processed usually and by the next working day (except for esk spoitelny and Volksbank, where the boxes are selected several times a day). The permanent orders must therefore be submitted to the collection box of the deposit in Komern banka no later than two working days before their maturity. Express commands (ie requiring extremely fast calls) cannot be placed in the box. These will be processed as standard.

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