Friday May 20, 2022

COMMENT: How to save the euro? The best one is the collapse of the euro area

Regarding the euro, I would like to shut up, Nicolas Sarkozy would probably say for me. As I, unlike the British Prime Minister David Cameron, under his spill capacity, I would like to talk to the eurozone with confidence in what it should decide at the summit today.

Stakeholders should clearly decide: either (1.) the status quo, or (2.) the United States of Europe, or (3.) the collapse of the euro area.

I want to hear this vision hard – what to choose from it.

The status quo scn would mean that debt problems would be “re” new debts. The structure and operation of economies will remain in the old dormitories. In two years, you will have a problem again. Piem, when the club will have tst, they will go to vbr two left scne. If not, Greece, Portugal and the entire eurozone will fall into a protracted recession and crisis, as Asia takes away their thorns in international trade. And you then for politicians vye njak revolution…

The key to the second scene, the vision of the United States of Europe, is the joint ministry of eurofinance, the joint european treasury and the joint eurobonds.


But Michl, an analyst at Raiffeisenbank: If people do not clearly say any of the three options, consider the crisis to be essential.

Germany was against it. Therefore, this scenario is based on two possibilities: Germany will either change its position or not.

If he changes it, we will go in one word to federalization. A truly United States of Europe will emerge – at best. Or something authoritative and centralized that we don’t even think about. From Brussels, Berlin will be given both taxes and mainly expenses. For the National Chamber, it will be decided by ednk (by the way, would you try it?).

If Germany does not change its opinion and continues to oppose common Eurobonds, then, according to me, this scenario will not lead to a different situation. Tet see is the collapse of the euro area.

Again, there are two options for how the club will break me up.

First: only flax will go, ie Germany. Secondly, the weak ones will come to you, Portugal, if Germany were to come, according to me, it would risk a rough sending of the new currency (marks?), Which would slow down exports and threaten it with a deep recession. And then, who would want to stay in a club with an eck? This option should not be strong

If he weakened, it would help them. Their businesses would get an encouraging kick in the form of a weak exchange rate and suitable exports.

The whole Czech banking bank would go bankrupt – if it were in the position of the Czech Republic, I would be in the face of a possible exit from the euro area. I would wonder if this doubtful value would come out of my ATM. In this scene, the euro itself is pragmatically clear in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands because it has an investment name. The Eurozna – as we know it – will be moved. The new Zen club will then try to federalize you, the scene was two

Each of these scn enormous costs. It is important that you choose the best scene from the three heels. I prefer the scene, the option of the Czech Republic, Portugal and other weak countries leaving the euro area. If, even after the summit, it seems to me that the people did not see any of these ones clearly and hard, consider the situation to be inevitable.

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