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Commodity trading is found at rann kvy


Trading commodities means buying and selling contracts for various raw materials. You buy raw materials in the form of a certain “ownership paper” and later you can sell this “ownership pepper” for much more than you bought.

Imagine that you get up one morning and go to do your favorite marriage. One of the most frequent mornings of the morning table will most likely be a delicious and aromatic drink, which is used to greet millions of people around the world every day.

You sit down at the table, turn on the TV and start taking it off. You watch the morning first, pour the hot kvu into your favorite blue mug, add silence and sugar.

The announcer on television first states the following first:

Koliv Although no one was injured, thanks to the massive catastrophe in the whole of Latin America, more was suffered? total leton genera kvy. The market reacted immediately with a sharp increase in prices and it is expected that in the course of the next two weeks the price will reach its historical highs.

Your hand with the flower will squeeze slightly. Place the mug back on the table and look inside. At that moment, realize that you bought your kvu in the supermarket for a long time, literally for a grandma. How much will stt kva te? Buy it to go sometimes for the same crowns as two? But then you tear yourself back from the flower back to the TV screen, and with your head if you have at least a small business spirit in it, you will soon have thoughts of a completely different kind to wander:

“In two weeks’ historical highs go to the pedestrian pension…

In a moment, however, you will wake up to reality and realize that you personally, with your salary of 20,000 K gross, you only had enough of the furnace to be able to ever own you 10 tons of cheaply bought flowers and sell it at the moment when flower prices climb to a record high… However, you are still pleasantly treated with such an idea for the rest of the day and secretly dream about what you would buy for such pensions…

At this point, you would know that buying tons of flowers is in fact unbelievably easy, because it literally costs you a lot to spend on the business you dream of, in the last 14 days, thousands of others! And most of them don’t even know anything about themselves, some don’t even know about massive catastrophes, and they still make money regularly!

What can be bought elsewhere than in the store?
Rann pbh with kvou vm nedv calm. Constantly think about how great a furnace would be if you now owned a ton of kva that you bought in a supermarket for a grandma and sold your ton in 14 days for a huge pension…

In the morning, you even shake your head so hard that just out of curiosity at work, you look at the internet, how and where to buy such supermarkets at all. After a while, find out that your morning has come a long way:

  • In the first ad vai rann kvu they raised farms in Latin America.
  • This kvu was then sold to other processors, e.g. large NESCAF type character.
  • They then processed the raw kvu according to and cut it into sk.
  • This portioned kvu was then distributed in various ways according to thousands of intermediate warehouses around the world.
  • From these intermediate warehouses, it then made its way through a wide chain to a million stores, where I can buy it in the form as we all know it.

This, of course, is nothing new that will interest the bag, it is the following information:

  • Kva, which was still traded on the CSCE stock exchange in December, strengthened it by 10% today.

Dream again for a moment. 10% in a single day. In the bank mm years barely 2% per annum. And the shares of values ​​for the whole year by 1015%. And here kva value 10% in one day!

But then stop again. What does all that information give you? How does the CSCE exchange? How to December business? Isn’t that complicated? So you close the website and forget about the whole incident with the flower for the rest of the day.

The situation is becoming clearer
Nco mlo pes tdenne expires. Even if you’ve been thinking about not thinking all along, you still hear every evening at first how it reaches new and new price highs. So just bake the furnace and go one day, you decide to put the situation with the kve in a bit. What stuck in your memory is the sentence: Kva traded on the CSCE stock exchange with the December date.

So just try to open the page out of curiosity. Wait a minute, don’t get stuck, and then sir, yeah, the real stock market where the qua is traded!

So get stuck in the strings and don’t be surprised. While you always thought that farms sell their cultivated companies to Nescaf-type companies, they also sell it on stock exchanges! Why not sell millions of other things on different stock exchanges? On such a furnace exchange, the farm will never need to find a buyer and you will be able to go for a little more convenient!

You’re a little wise again. The fact that if you wanted to buy 10 tons of kva, you could do so on the New York Stock Exchange, specifically the CSCE. Not that I have this information for him, but it’s good to know. What if once…

The situation is clearer
Kva vm vak opt ned spt. At work, you are not able to think of anything other than ku, even catch yourself that you drink more kva not usually. So you decide to visit the furnaces once on the CSCE stock exchange and try to reveal the strange significance with the December delivery.

The situation will clear up faster than you expected
Farms sell on stock exchanges in the form of a contract. This means that it is not the way you thought a farm for a beer exchange, e.g. 10 tons of flowers are grown and there are huge piles of flowers standing for so long, no one who can eat will come and offer farms that from him a whole 10 tons of flowers will buy… Farm beer on the stock exchange (which is actually room) only KONTRAKT, in which it undertakes to deliver to a potential buyer 10 tons of light by the specified deadline (in fact, there is a quantity of flower in the contract of varieties according to the type of flower and you can find it in the contract specification on the stock exchange page). Perfect.

To drive for when you can get a contract! This is how stores work all over the world! When did you buy this mortiser for your new house, which you build first: first you signed a contract where the supplier undertook to deliver the paver to you within 10 days, and then the mines of the paver itself…

The December addition then logically means that the farm will sell a contract on the stock exchange, in which it undertakes to deliver its account sometime in December.

How simple!
He gave days about to think more than ever. During the last visit to the CSCE stock exchange website, find out another thing: if you buy a contract on this stock exchange, you can sell that contract there again until the end of the term!

What does that mean? that if you only bought 10 tons of kilns before the major sales disasters in Latin America, you would not have to physically take them over at all and store them nowhere! In fact, you could easily buy only in the form of paper, in the form of a contract!

Zan to zapadat do sebe
A few more days later, I will suddenly start to fit together. In what you first learned, it probably means the following:

If you bought a car before the month with the term delivered in December, and now we expect it from, then you would buy a car before the place at very low prices. But what is important, you would buy kvu only in the form of a CONTRACT, which you can and until the end of the term, ie until the end of December, sell again at any time. You could also sell your contract first today, when the prices of kva are at a record high, and give it up, even if you ever have to physically take over the purchased kvu or store it somewhere!

Actually, it’s a bit like stocks
When you buy shares, buy a company. You just don’t actually buy e.g. The rest of the company, the building, etc., in fact, you only buy “papers, which confirm to me that you own this company out of patina. When the company gives up, the company prospers and the share prices go up, when you sell your shares to someone else for more income, not you bought, share.

For a flower, buy a huge amount, not in the form of a physical flower, but only in the form of a paper (contract), and thus the whole flower is owned, stored and delivered to the farm in the term, it is absolutely not necessary to worry about anything, even not even see it. In addition, the rules of the stock exchange, perfect supervision by the US government (in the case of the American commodity markets) and a highly serious environment ensure that nothing happens to you all the time and that you really care, even if you have a piece of paper!

Then, when the price of kvy suddenly rises sharply, then simply and simply sell the contract again on the stock exchange to someone else, but at a much higher price! And if anyone buys a contract? That’s the best thing about the stock market, there are buyers practically every minute!

Not just kva
You have given days so much so much that you have found that with your new know-how you can boast about colleagues who are impressed by this new information.

But then comes the last two: in this way you can trade not only coffee, but e.g. even gasoline, about which you completely thought about how it would be time to buy cheap gasoline every spring and sell dearly every summer! You can also buy petrol in the form of a contract, so you don’t have to store anything, take over anything physically… But if only petrol! Plates of other monch ingredients: cocoa, corn, cotton, meat, eggs, gold, silver, sugar, cocoa and much, much more!

These raw materials are then taken into aggregate commodities and, as you know, they are traded on various commodity exchanges.

Now you know what it means to trade commodities! It means buying and selling contracts for various raw materials. It’s a cell. Just as in the case of an event you buy the ownership of various companies, so in a commodity you buy the ownership of various raw materials. Both can then be sold in the form of only a certain “ownership paper” and in both you can later sell this “ownership beam” but a stock or a commodity contract) for much more than you bought!

And for both, you don’t have to know anything about the company you co-own or the komoditch you bought. Likewise, it is not really a matter of need or days of catastrophes, so that the price of all commodities moves every day so that the commodity trader can literally earn money every day (or of course as long as it was said, trading commodities is a very risky profession and losses are vn on a daily basis).

ryvek is from the book
“Trading on commodity markets”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
For more information, visit

ryvek is from the book
“Trading on commodity markets”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
For more information, visit

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