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Complaints allowed with a travel ticket? Dleit is a contract

If you don’t like your vacation with a travel agent, don’t be afraid to contact us. If the traveler does not deliver what she promised, you have the first complaint.

“The decisive factor is what you have in the travel contracts,” points out Jan Pape, vice-president of the Association of Travel Agencies.

What exactly can I complain about on holiday?
You would succeed in complaining that your leave was granted, but you can complain about all the services you bought and which the travel agent did not supply. But beware, only those that you have specified in the travel contracts. Example: the travel agency promised you a room with a view of the sea and you actually look at the pinn backyard. If you do not have a written room with a sea view in your travel contract, you have a contract. It is similar with other promises. You can complain that the room has a different standard, you have not agreed or that you will not receive food to the agreed extent, but again only if these conditions are clearly specified in the contract.

So what should a travel contract contain and what should you look for in it?
The travel contract is very important and clients often underestimate it. It is necessary to realize that it is a basic and basically the only document of the relationship between the client and the travel agency. The travel contract should in each case include: with km you travel to where you are traveling, the name of the carrier, the name of the accommodation facility, the category and type of room, the number of nights and the type of boarding.

If you agree otherwise with the travel agency, it is not listed in the catalog, for example, so I definitely recommend entering all these details of the contract.

What to do if I chose the holiday according to the photographer in the catalog and the fact does not answer? Complain to him?
Urit yes. If you have chosen a holiday according to the catalog and beautiful photographs of the hotel, the beach, the swimming pool and the luxury garden, and in fact for the city day there is no swimming pool or garden, then you have been misled and you have the first complaint. The only exception is that the photograph in the catalog has an illustrated photo. You need to be careful about that and in such a case you should not complain.

How to proceed with a complaint?
Complain as soon as you find out that there is a fact that you do not like. This is often a mistake of one of the suppliers of the travel agency and they can arrange a solution right away and solve the problem. File a complaint with the travel agent’s delegate, or on the traveler’s customer line. If the complaint is not filed with the city, you can file it in t msc after the end of the departure. For this case, it is certainly appropriate to have a clear testimony, photo documentation and video.

I bought the trip in January, in June I wrote me a letter that the travel agency increased the price. M for that first?
The travel agency can increase the price of the trip only in cases of exhaustive definitions. Namely, if the exchange rate has changed by more than ten percent, if there has been an increase in traffic by more than ten percent and if the prices of fuel and airport charges have risen, there is no limit of ten percent. In all these cases, you do not have to withdraw from the contract first and not pay any extra money. However, in case of your interest, the travel agent is obliged to prove that such an invitation really did. And this must be announced no later than 21 days before departure.

Mm afraid of a travel agency crash?
No, the client strongly chrn stt. Every legal travel agency must be legally connected. And this connection between the two clients of the two-way team, who are on the road, guarantees that the return and those who did not go on the trip without any problems, but paid the pension at the travel agency, two guarantees of a refundable pension.

How to choose a travel agency?
It is important to travel with a legal travel agent, that is, to check whether he has a concession and whether he can connect and to have these documents presented. It is good to determine her previous experience or recommended friends and acquaintances. It pays to follow discussions on the Internet. And what I recommend much more is ptt. You can ask, so you can recognize if your travel agent is right or wrong.

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