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Contract rate: uiten sentences to help knock down those

On three contracts everywhere, but to negotiate the price of you for the phone, you will also need some courage. Do not have a bag. How to do it?

The best time to ask for a discount is when you conclude a contract for a certain period of time (in the case of a mortgage, it may be a periodic change in fixation), or the moment when the competition sets out on the market with an interesting offer.

It probably won’t work out at first

If you do not have a sharp elbow, the first negotiation with the service center of the service provider will probably turn out to offer you better services (for example, fast internet) for the same price you pay today. Don’t get used to it, you ovens want to pay me more.

Mobile operators, energy companies, banks usually have spare offers, but they do not provide cadmium. When you give in, you usually want a phone call in which the original company offers you really sunny conditions.

“When I decided to change banks after years of horses, they called me from the pedal. Suddenly they could offer me a lead here to give you years completely free. Only lta before I paid them more than 200 crowns msn. And I made a new report anyway and reported it to my employer, so I didn’t do it, ”Petr Hora describes his experience.

It is necessary to have a reserve

It’s a bit of a hop or trop bag. If you are not enough to lose a customer, it can happen that your company will let the competition go without saying: “A colleague left the operator and he offered 1,000 minutes in just a hundred crowns. I tried the same procedure, but I probably wasn’t such a client with the around 300 crowns of msn, ”said Kateina Slnsk about the failed attempt. Even so, she got the change because she paid the new operator for my phone call.

If you do not have much experience with contracts for better prices, we can add to the sentences that might be useful to you:

  • “Mete pro m udlat nco navc?”
  • “I noticed that the competition has a comparable offer at a better price, I’m considering a change of supplier.”
  • “End my contract and let me know what to pay. Do you have any special offers? ”
  • “I asked for calculations on the Internet, how much I pay, and it told me that the EU competition would be better off. So far, I’ve been happy with your promises – and the price. So I want to ask if we can arrange a discount. “
  • “A colleague told me that he got a cheaper service at vs significantly cheaper. I pay a lot of money. Can’t you give it to me for this price? ”

Have you been able to negotiate a better price lately?

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